Meet the Team




Jess is the creative brain behind Chaotic & Collected. She handles all of the biz stuff and keeping things afloat. She's also in charge of creating and making all items in the shop (which means she basically gets to work in leggings as pants all day everyday).



Chad is the smarty pants behind Chaotic & Collected. He edits everything on the site (so if there are errors you can totally blame him). He mails all of the packages, makes sure that Jess stays focused, and is also in charge of QA (which is really just a fancy way of saying he makes sure all of Jess's creations are the awesomest they can be).


Brooklyn & Grendel

Brooklyn & Grendel keep watch to make sure things don't get too unruly around Chaotic & Collected HQ. They also provide lunchtime puppy snuggles as needed.