Why I'm Pro-Choice

I've literally been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to figure out exactly how to introduce this post. But, there really is no clever way. It's a subject that's important to me and something I feel is important to share. So I guess I'm going to just jump in and share why I'm pro-choice.

First, though, can we just be clear on something? There is no such thing as pro-abortion. It's pro-life and pro-choice. And just because you're pro-choice doesn't mean you necessarily support abortion or advocate for it. It doesn't mean you're a murderer or a baby killer. It just means that you support a woman's right to choose. So maybe we can stop using those phrases.

But on to me. I'm pro-choice. And here's why.

I'm pro-choice because what's right for me isn't necessarily right for every single woman out there.

I will be 100% honest here, I don't know what I would do. I don't know if I could ever have an abortion, but I also can't say I know I never would. (And, yes, I felt the same when I was a single gal.)

But here's the thing, my personal choices are MINE and mine alone. I can choose whatever I feel is right for me and whatever is right for my family. But what's right for me isn't necessarily right for every single woman out there. And that's why I'm pro-choice. I believe that every single woman deserves the right to make her own choice based on what's right for herself and her family. I don't think for one minute that I can tell any other woman how they should or shouldn't feel about anything. Especially being pregnant.

I'm pro-choice because I believe in including all women (and doing what's best for every woman).

I personally believe that pro-choice includes all women. Every single one. Even those that are pro-life. If you don't want to have an abortion, you don't have to. Hell, you can even try to help others understand why another choice might be better than an abortion (just as long as you're not calling anyone a baby killer). But if you can't have an abortion you're excluding a group of women. And you're choosing for those women that you're excluding.

I'm pro-choice because there are things I just don't know.

Honestly, you guys, there are so many reasons why a woman might to choose to have an abortion. Many reasons that we probably have yet to even discover. And because of this (and the fact that I don't know every single woman out there), I choose pro-choice.

I'm pro-choice because I don't believe the government can determine what's right for me, my body, or my family.

It's my body and my choice. Just like it's your body and your choice. No one should be able to tell you what you have to do with it or what you can and can't do with it.

I'm pro-choice because I firmly believe in the separation of church and state.

Most of my moral reasoning comes from my faith. And I know a lot of arguments against abortion come from faith. But there are so many religions and faiths that I don't believe that we should govern based on faith.

I'm pro-choice because I don't think I can judge anyone.

I don't even know what choices I would make in every single situation, so how in the world can I judge any other woman out there for having an abortion? I simply cannot.

I'm pro-choice because I value a woman's right to safe healthcare.

Abortions are going to exist whether we like it or not. You can't stop them from happening. And before you go off on me, I do not believe that argument works in every case. I believe that argument works for this case so let's not travel down that road. I don't want to see women going back to methods that potentially harm themselves (in some cases long term harm) because they did an abortion themselves.

I'm pro-choice because I believe in free thinking.

We do not all have to think or believe the same things. And, like I said before, pro-choice allows for all of us to think and feel what we want to think and feel.

I'm pro-choice because I am pro-life.

Honestly, I don't believe the two things are mutually exclusive. I believe you can be pro-choice and also pro-life. I value life. All of it. I value a baby's life, a 9-year-old's life, a 40- year-old's life, and everything in between. I don’t assume that a baby is born and everyone involved just runs off to skip in a field of flowers and live happily ever after. There are some cases where abortion is the better choice for the life of everyone involved (including the fetus).

I'm pro-choice because I believe in humanity and not shame.

I apologize if that sounds like I'm making a judgement. I'm not. But much of the pro-life agenda is built around this idea of shame. You're a baby killer and you should be ashamed if you want an abortion. You should be ashamed if you found yourself in a situation where you felt the need to get an abortion. And, honestly, I don't think that's fair. And it's surely not a way to reach people. It's like shaming an overweight kid for eating a candy bar. The kid will just hoard a stash of candy in his/her room and gorge on it in private. Having an abortion isn't something people take lightly. And I don't think anyone should ever have to feel like the scum of the Earth simply because they chose to have an abortion.

I'm pro-choice because I don't think abstinence is the answer. People should know all of the options.

People are going to have sex. That's just a fact. So I believe we should arm them with ALL of the options to them. Abstinence is ONE option. Birth control is ONE option. Adoption is ONE option. Abortion is ONE option.

And, PS, abortion rates drop dramatically under Democrat Presidents. Many cite that the reason is largely because of access to contraceptives and sex education.