Why I Bake My Own Bread (And Recipe Ideas)

baking bread This is probably the mother of all domestic things. Though just wait until I start talking about canning. It's going to happen my friends.

Anyway. A few summers ago I bought my very first bread maker for like $1 at a garage sale. I had always wanted to try making my own bread, but bread makers are kind of pricey so I didn't want to fork over the cash unless I knew it was worth it. So when I saw one at a garage sale I was more than thrilled. I was so sad when it stopped working that I had to go buy a new one. (The sadness stopped since I was able to get one that's much fancier. Thanks wedding gift cards!) Now the only time I buy bread at the store is when I'm too lazy or don't have time to make my own bread (or when it's 10 for $10 at Meijer because that's just awesome you guys). Which are really just poor excuses. Because, really, baking your own bread is simply awesome. Here's why I bake my own bread.

1. It's cheaper.

The ingredients might seem costly (a thing of yeast will set you back $6-8 depending on where you live). But the ingredients will last you forever. You only use a tiny bit of yeast per loaf and a few cups of flour. I figured it out once and just a typical loaf of wheat only costs a few pennies to make. And you can also use the ingredients for various other things if you cook and bake.

2. It's better for you.

I'm not really one of those eat clean people. But I do genuinely try to pay attention to the ingredients in my food. I don't like to eat a ton of super processed stuff. I like making my own bread because I know exactly what's going in it and I can substitute certain things if I want to watch it.

3. It's delicious.

It's homemade bread, you guys. That stuff is just plain tasty. Especially when it's warm.

4. It will make your house smell amazing.

Have you ever walked into a bakery? Enough said.

5. It's easy.

If you have a bread maker, it's literally as easy as throwing a bunch of ingredients in a pan and going on about your day. The only thing you have to worry about is the order and making sure the yeast doesn't mix with the wet ingredients. But it's super easy to do. My bread maker tells me to put the wet ingredients in first and then the dry. I make a little hole in the flour for the yeast that way it sits nicely until things start to mix. Then I just set it and the bread maker does all the work. I've also let the bread maker do the mixing and then I've rolled the dough out and baked it in the oven. That's also easy. And I am not a baker at all you guys.

And here are a few recipes that I've tried and loved.

Wheat bread (I substituted maple syrup for the honey, egg beaters for the eggs, and cashew milk for regular milk. It was delicious.) French Baguettes  Italian Herb & Parmesan Bread (I can't find the exact recipe I used, but this one is similar) Onion, Garlic, & Cheese Bread 

To see some other recipes that I like, check out my Pinterest.