Why David's Bridal Isn't As Bad As I Thought

I realized the other day how many things I still have to share about the wedding. I thought that the posts would just flow out of me after the big day since I had been waiting so long to share stuff. But then too many other fun things happened that I forgot about the wedding stuff. Anyhow. Like most brides, I have a few horror stories from my nuptials. One big one made me realize why David's Bridal isn't as bad as I thought.

Let me start by saying that I wasn't against David's Bridal for any particular reason. I was actually always planning on getting bridesmaid dresses there. I know there are trendier and more fun shops. And trust me, I'm all about supporting small and local businesses. But, when you're planning an out of town wedding and your bridesmaids live in different cities, sometimes you have to go with what's practical.

My dress, however, was a different story. I'm plus-size. And I'm smart enough to know (you know, from being that size all my life) that sometimes formal wear can be hard to come by. Or outrageously expensive. I also know from a few horror stories that David's Bridal isn't always so nice to plus-size gals.

Side note: I hate the term plus-size. But whatever.

I spent far too many shopping trips crying in the dressing room. So my mom, sis, and I all agreed we should go elsewhere. My sis saw a billboard for a plus-sized shop in Rochester, Indiana and thought we'd check it out. I'll be referring to it as The Other Bridal Shop in this post. I'm omitting the name simply because I don't want to serve as an advertisement. But you can easily Google it.

We headed over to The Other Bridal Shop one Saturday and being there was like a dream. Tons of dresses and styles for me to choose from. And two ladies eager to help me and tell me how amazing and perfectly beautiful I was. I found a dress and left the shop feeling amazing about myself and everything wedding related.

Mama C put half down and the dress was ordered and was set to arrive in a few months. Right around the time I'd be in Chicago for Christmas. To prepare, Mama C started to call The Other Bridal Shop before my arrival to see the status of the dress, but no one answered or called her back. Finally, a few days before I was set to arrive, someone from The Other Bridal Shop called her back. Apparently my dress was damaged during shipping and it was now discontinued so they couldn't order a new one. I don’t know all the details, but basically the woman told .my mom she had no idea what they could do for us and that she would get back to her (because that's what all Mother-of-the-brides want to hear, right?)

I didn't find out about this until the day that I was at David's Bridal looking for bridesmaid dresses with my gals when my mom told me. The thought of looking for another dress terrified me and I was only in town for a few days and working with The Other Bridal Shop was making me feel a little nervous. So I didn't really know what to do.

So, since we were at a bridal shop, we decided to look at dresses. Just in case. I needed to feel at ease about the other options out there.

The ladies at David's Bridal squeezed me in even though it was a Saturday in Chicago and I had no appointment. They also gave me the most amazing attention even though they were handling other people (and it was a Saturday in CHICAGO). They never made me feel bad about myself at all. In fact they made me feel wonderful. And granted it could just be that specific David's Bridal, but it definitely wasn't the experience I thought I'd get.

Now, you'd think the story ends here with rainbows, puppies, and butterflies. Wouldn't you? Well, no.

My mom called the other bridal shop and told the owner we wanted our money back. She was met with an incredibly hostile response. Totally different from the nice gal that sold me the dress. Basically she told my mom there was no way she would ever get her money back. They would try to get me another dress. And that my mom shouldn't have bought a dress she couldn't afford (apparently she thought my mom was backing out of buying the dress. Of course it wasn't because they ruined my dress and weren't doing anything about it). There were some other aggressive insults exchanged before my mom hung up on her.

My mom called me and told me what happened. So I thought I would try calling The Other Bridal Shop since I was the bride. HUGE mistake you guys. I was met with more hostility.  She screamed at me. She called my mom a liar. Said she was very disappointed in my attitude as a bride. Told me to grow up and that I wasn't acting like an adult. She also told me good luck at finding another dress elsewhere because I wouldn't be able to (you know since I'm all fat and stuff).

Eventually Mama C did get her money back. We bought the dress at David's Bridal that I found that day. Strangely, I actually loved that dress more than the original. I was far more excited about it. And it was more than half the cost of the dress from The Other Bridal Shop too. It came in without any issues. And it fit me like a glove. No alterations or anything.

As for my dress from The Other Bridal Shop, I have no idea what actually happened to it/with it. I was told it had been melted from steaming it. Which doesn't make sense because why would they send a damaged dress? My guess is The Other Bridal Shop found out they couldn't order the dress because it was discontinued so rather than telling me, they tried to pass off the floor sample as the one they ordered for me. Then, when they were cleaning it someone damaged it. But I honestly don't know and I will never know.

I honestly feel the The Other Bridal Shop just preys on the fact that a lot of plus-size brides have a hard time finding dresses. And have likely had a hard time finding clothes their whole life. And that's a whole lot of BS.

But the moral of the story? Don't immediately leave David's Bridal off your list. It might not be that bad. In fact, it just might have the perfect dress for you.