What's Up, Weekend 3/31

It's Friday, you guys. I'm trying super hard to take the day off tomorrow as a part of my new schedule. And mama C is coming to watch the Final Four. So I actually feel pretty excited that it's the weekend.

Today I'm linking up with CharlotteLindsay, and Chrissy to celebrate that the weekend is here and share 10 things that made me happy this week.

Side note: I barely took any pictures this week and I have no idea why. I guess maybe that's a sign of a really good week. Or a really busy week.

New towels. Seriously. I realized Mr. T and I haven't had new towels since before we were married.

Shopping at Michaels. With a coupon. I'm selling at a flea market in a few weeks so I probably bought the store out of things for my display.

Roasted pine nut hummus. If you haven't tried it, get to the store and get it immediately.

My creativity. I can brag about myself, right? This week I had a gal from high school ask me to design a little something for her. She loved the design and said it was even better than she imagined. So, yeah, cue warm fuzzies and stuff.

Watermelon Shandy. I should be drinking one now actually.

Getting carded when buying said Watermelon Shandy. I know it sounds silly. But when you're 36 and the gal at the store actually things you deserve to be carded, you do a little happy dance.

Fried pickles.

Jeggings. I can't believe I never jumped on that train before. But since I work from home, they're totally the best thing ever. I can wear leggings AND pants, you guys.

Date nights with Mr. T. Our date nights might  sometimes just be Target, Michaels, TGIFridays, and Meijer, but I don't care. Time with that duded where we can just hang out is pretty awesome.

Puppy snuggles. I know that I put this all the time, but I don't care. There is nothing better. And last night, when Mr. T and I came home from the store, the pups were so happy and couldn't wait to snuggle. Brooklyn literally followed me around with her treat ( we always bring them something back) in her mouth until I sat down so she could sit by me.

Seriously, how cute are they? I don't even care that this picture is so terribly terrible looking.


How was your week? What made you happy?