What I Learned From My Very First Craft Fair

craft fairI know I haven't posted in a while and I am so very sorry. I mean beyond sorry. In all my years of blogging I've rarely ever let this much time pass without posting. Actually I'm not sure if I've ever done it without some kind of post explaining that I'll be on hiatus. So please forgive me. I promise I have a really good excuse.

I had my very first craft fair, you guys! I finally did it!

First things first, how did it go? Well, pretty well. I definitely didn't sell as much as I would have liked. Though I really just wanted to sell something and I did that (and only one of the sales was to a family member! Woo!). But I also learned a ton of things that I can use for future craft fairs. I also received so many compliments on my items so that gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies.

So obviously I wanted to share a few tips and such from my first experience (and, you know, my mistakes or whatever). Here's what I learned from my very first craft fair.

my very first craft fair

Just go for it already

I'll be honest, Mr. T pretty much pushed me into doing it in the first place. I wanted to do one, but I was afraid this wasn't the right time or that I would fail. He told me I should do it so I did. And, like I said, it was a really awesome experience so I'm so glad I did it.

Don't only focus on having enough product, also make sure that people understand your product

This was a big old fail on my part. I honestly had no idea that people wouldn't understand some of my products given that it's just stationery stuff. A lot of people had questions about the drink stirrers and food flags. I think I was way too worried about having a bare table that I didn't worry enough about people actually knowing why they should buy the items on the table. I made garland for the front of the table, but I don't think anyone made the connection.

my first craft fair

Showcase your specialty

One of the things that I think is so neat about my shop is the whole party kit thing. The fact that you can get coordinating and matching party décor for so many occasions. What I didn't realize was that people wouldn't really get that without showing them. I thought people would shop the table and see all the things that go together or they'd ask or I don't know what I thought. Whatever it was, I was totally wrong because very few people even noticed all the matching items.

Think about how people will shop

Mr. T and I practiced set up beforehand. What we forgot was to think about where my table would be in the grand scheme of things and how people would shop. My table looked marvelous when looking at it head on, but people would be shopping it from the side. So I think focusing more on how I merchandise things at the ends (where people would be actually starting to shop the table) may have worked better for this craft fair.

first craft fair

Make sure that it's the right craft fair for you

I'm not positive if this was the right craft fair for me, but I'm not positive how to tell if it's the right craft fair. I think if possible, do some research on the fair.

Don't fret if it's not all you expected

Honestly, I would say have no expectations for your first craft fair. And I don't mean that in a bad way. Think of it like you do a first date. No expectations, just see where it leads. You really just have to jump in and get your feet wet. You'll have time to correct mistakes and become a pro so use you first one as a chance to get a feel for things and to get some experience.

Have cash and ability to take credit cards

And by all means, let people know you take cards. I took advantage of the sell on Etsy app. I don't have the card reader yet, but you can still take credit cards. What I realized, however, is that I had nothing telling people that I took cards. It wasn't an issue, but I still think a sign or something is a huge help.

Pack a lunch and some snacks

You're going to get hungry my friends. Mr. T packed us some PB&J while I got ready and it was really nice to have a little something around noon.