What Happiness Means to Me

It's that time friends, for another group post. And I am pretty excited about this one too. Read all about the group post and how it started over here.

This month we're talking about happiness.

I kind of struggled with this post. And not because I'm not happy, but more because I didn't know exactly where I wanted the post to go. That's probably why I'm sitting here doing it at the last minute. So I thought instead of constructing this perfectly perfect post, I am just going to write what I think and feel.

So what does happiness mean to me?

Honestly, a lot of things. So many things that it's hard to put into words and it's really hard for me to explain. It's almost easier for me to explain what it isn't.

It isn't something you can fake or pretend. You're either happy or you're not.

It isn't something that you can find from others. Though others can add to your happiness.

It's not something you find from one thing. I mean, you can find happiness in one thing, but if the rest of your world is shit, it's probably going to taint that one happy thing.

It doesn't mean you're never unhappy or never have a bad day.

It's not something that just magically happens. Things will come into your life with little effort on your part. But I believe that to be truly happy, you have to work at it. Because it's so easy to see the world as a dim place if you really want to.

It's not something you can always out your finger on, but sometimes you just feel it.

See, it's easier to talk about what it isn't. It's so weird how that happens. I know that I am happy. And I have many things in my life that make me happy. But if you asked me why I was happy, I would just say "because life". It's not just about where I am or who I'm with (though that's part of it), but it's also because I choose to be (most of the time) and because I am.

So, here are some of the things that make me happy:


This guy. Our first six months of marriage have been a bit of a struggle (I won't lie). We're stubborn, impatient, and so different. But at the end of the day he's truly my best friend and I wouldn't want to be with anyone else. This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken. It was at a friend's birthday and it shows us so well.

These people. My family. I am not close with that much of my family. And, what family I do have is super small. It was kind of hard when Mr. T and I were planning our wedding because he had 994 people on the guest list and a lot of them were family. But the people in this picture have always been there for me. No matter what. They've helped me with and through so many things and I know they'll always be there.

BK Bridge

NYC. No matter what I might feel for you now, you will always have a special place in my heart. I met my husband here. Learned so much about myself here. Started my stationery business here. And had countless good times here. It was also always a dream of mine to live here and sometimes I kind of can't believe I had the chance to live out that dream. This is me on the Brooklyn Bridge in my first year or living here. Every time I look at this picture I feel happy. I also miss that jacket!

Other things that I don't have pictures of (or that there are too many pictures of):

My creativity -- though it's frustrating to know if my creativity will ever pan out as a legit career, I'm my most happy when I'm creating and I love that I have that ability.

My stationery store -- sometimes I can't believe I actually did it. But I am so happy I did (and thankful for those who encouraged me)

All the friends I've made along the way -- I firmly believe you can't get through life alone. So I am happy to have been blessed with some amazing friends. Some who stood up with us at our wedding and made the long trek to Ohio to see us get married. And, even those that are no longer friends. I am blessed by them too.

My future -- Planning for the future makes me so happy. I am excited about the next chapter in our lives. Maybe having more space. Maybe even a house.

I am sure that I am forgetting a whole lot of things, but these are just a few of the things that help make me happy and content in life. Of course cheese, nachos, Food Network, and bacon top the list as well.

What makes you happy? I want to know!

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