We've Officially Booked a Wedding Venue

Mr. T and I have officially picked (and booked) our venue.

Before we made the engagement officially official, Mr. T and I talked a lot about what we wanted for our wedding. One of the things that we decided was that we wanted something kind of simple with a bit of a rustic, vintage kind of feel. Something barn-like. We also knew we wanted to get married in Ohio. His family is there and he has a much bigger family and more ties to the area.

So, a couple of weeks ago when I was in Ohio we went to look at places. We found the cutest little bed and breakfast out in the country. The moment I stepped out of the car I fell in love with the place. I know it sounds really weird, but there is just this feeling there and I knew it was it.


The best part is that we get the entire place – house and grounds – for the whole weekend. That means plenty of places for some of our out-of-towners to stay and also allows for all the gals to get ready on site.


We officially booked it last week and have set our date. So,I will marry Mr. T on September 27, 2014 at the Yellow Springs Country Bed and Breakfast.

We are still working on all the details (I am pretty sure we have plenty of time), but we’ve planned some stuff so far. We’ll have a smallish wedding outside on the grounds. There are these two amazing trees that we plan to get married under.

We’ll get a big tent for the reception where there will be good food, music, and karaoke. We’ve also started brainstorming and purchasing things for the décor – I’ll share some of those ideas in later posts so be on the lookout.