We Are Not an Old Married Couple

Old Couple

Sometimes I feel like Mr. T and I are an old married couple. And, I know. I know. We have only been together for a year and aren’t even married yet. There’s plenty more years and all that. But hear me out here.

When Mr. T and I first started dating, it was nothing for us to be drunk and closing down a bar on a random Tuesday night. I can remember countless mornings talking to my gal pal on GChat. I would be hung-over and running on four hours of sleep. And my birthday. Let’s not even talk about that. A bottle of wine and four pitchers of beer. But I always had this huge smile on my face no matter how awful I felt the next day.

Now it’s different. We go out to eat and/or have a few drinks and we come home two hours later. We could stay out much, much later but honestly there are times when getting some ice cream and watching a TV show on the couch or in bed just sounds better. (I know that’s totally corny and I’m sorry) And sometimes staying at home with some vodka (some movie about a huge gator with Tiffany and Debbie Gibson) is the most epic night ever.

And honestly, it’s a little weird. I never thought that this could feel so awesome and I always thought that being like this made me boring or something.

But I realized the other night that this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Things are just different now. In a really (REALLY) good way.

When Mr. T and I first started dating we had to stay out late together because that was really the only way to spend time together. We didn’t spend every night together nor were we staying at each other’s places a ton. So staying out late was our way of stretching out our time together. We both knew we should go home. We knew it was going to be painful the next day. But we wanted to spend time together so we stayed.

Then, when we started spending the night together more, things were still different than they are now. We mainly spent the night together on weekends so our weeknights were still the same kind of thing – we’d meet up to do something and stay out later than we should. We also really didn’t really have the same level of comfort nor were we involved in each other’s daily routines.

I don’t know how to explain it because I don’t mean to make it sound like I wasn’t comfortable around him or that we weren’t involved in each other’s lives. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We talked every single day in some capacity and we knew what was going on with each other. But obviously all that changes and grows as you get to know each other more. And things like how much money I spent, taking a trip to the grocery, and meal planning didn’t really involve him.

Now, things are different. We’re spending practically every night together. We’re getting ready to move in together and trying to plan/save for a wedding. We’re starting our lives together. It’s not about being an old married couple. It’s more that we’re content in our everyday lives. And that’s something that I think is really important for the success of a relationship.

Sure, going out is still important to us and we will never be the couple that stays at home every single night. But if you have to go out every night in order to be happy, that’s probably not a very healthy situation either.

I like that we’re comfortable. I like that we don’t get bored of each other. This is all a part of the process and how things should be.