4 Tips for Surviving March Madness (When Your Significant Other is a Basketball Freak)

MSU FlowersSo we've established that Mr. T is obsessed with March Madness. And I'm beginning to think that people might think I am too with all of these posts about it. I mean, sheesh. Anyway. Mr. T. He's crazy about March Madness. But this will be my third with him and I still married him so that means I (and we've) successfully navigated it without killing each other. So here are four tips for surviving March Madness when your significant other is a basketball freak (like mine).

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

I personally say, watch it with them. The thing about March Madness (and what I've noticed about most of sports) is that it isn't the opera. You can chat and goof around. Have some drinks and food. It's fun to just hang out. So why not? And, of course, when I say chat I don't mean have a deep serious conversation. I just mean it's not like the opera.


I firmly believe that you shouldn't try to steer your boo away from watching. That just causes issues and no one wants that over a basketball game (or, you know, 994 basketball games). So, compromise. Maybe he (or she) doesn't always get to watch it on the big TV. Maybe you get to pick the snacks. Maybe he has to cook you dinner or give you a massage. Whatever.

Just pretend to understand.

I will admit it, I don't understand watching basketball for that many hours. It's so many! But I don't really have to. It makes him happy. It's something he enjoys (and enjoyed long before Jess Downey was even a thing in his life). There are plenty of things I do that I am sure he doesn't understand. That's just how it works.

Do your own thing.

If you're really not into it, that's cool too. Your guy or gal shouldn't make you watch anymore than you should make them not watch. So use it as an advantage to get some me time in and do whatever that involves.

And to prove that it's possible (just in case that whole lifetime commitment with marriage thing didn't do it for ya), I am going to have a little recap after each round -- a diary if you will -- of watching March Madness with Mr. T. Be on the look out for the first one next week.