Grown Ups Need Lunch Too: Tips for Packing Lunches

tips for packing lunchesI pack our lunches. Almost every day. And I actually did this when we lived in Brooklyn and both worked from home. I know this seems weird. I mean, if you're at home why pack a lunch? Honestly, I just found it easier. Worrying about what to eat for lunch just adds another layer of stress and annoyance on your daily plate. And I find that if I can't find anything that sounds good or if things seem too time consuming to eat that I either don't eat or eat junk. Neither of which is something I like.

I also find that packing allows me to be more creative since I have more time to think about it and plan.

Here are a few tips for packing lunches (for grown ups).

Wraps are awesome and hold up really well

I actually like them more than sandwiches. However, be careful of saucy things or warm things. Put those separate.  I love (I mean L-O-V-E) this wrap recipe and it's a hit for Mr. T too. I found that making the chicken ahead of time and then putting it in the fridge works really well. If you don’t have time, just put the chicken in a separate container. That way everything stays nice and crunchy.

Invest in good containers

Here's a link to the exact containers I use and they are amazing. They have little compartments for everything so It helps with portion control and provides plenty of space for a variety of foods. They don't leak. And I find you can easily put little containers of sauce or salad dressing in them as well.

Try to pack for a couple of days, but not more than that

Oh man have I ever learned my lesson with prepping food for too many days. Soggy crackers and chips. Gross stuff. You can prep the actual food ahead of time, but make sure you're not packing more than a couple of days' worth of lunches at a time.

Pack everything

I pack croutons, salad dressings, sauces, granola -- basically everything that I need when I'm packing the lunches. And I try to put it all in the same container or all together in the fridge so nothing gets left behind.

Utilize leftovers

Sometimes it's easier for me to just use leftovers for lunches and then make something for dinner. Or sometimes I even make more dinner specifically so I can save it for future lunches. For example, anytime I make soup, chili, or my mini meatloaves, I almost always make enough for a couple of lunches.