Tips for Buying a Wedding Dress

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One of the things that made me the most nervous about all this wedding stuff was shopping for and buying a wedding dress. I am tall and plus size so clothes have never been fun for me. They have always been too short, too long, too big in the bust, or not age appropriate. And I am also the gal who hasn’t been planning my wedding since I was six-years-old. I honestly really never pictured myself as a bride. But oddly enough, picking a wedding dress was pretty easy. I actually think I only tried on four before I found the one I loved. So, for any bride out there who’s a little anxious, here are some tips for buying a wedding dress.

Bring a good group of people with you

You want to take people who will make you feel good, but there’s no need for a bus load. I took my mom, sister (and matron of honor), and my niece. It’s actually funny because my niece was my toughest critic. All of them helped me feel good and at ease. And seeing their faces when I walked out in the dress was pretty amazing and also helped make the decision easy. Be open minded – I chose the complete opposite of what I wanted

Choose something you’ll be comfortable in

You don’t need to be sweat pants comfortable, but you want to feel pretty and like you. Also keep in mind that you’ll be in this dress for a long time. So if you can’t breathe or move you may want to reconsider.

Choose something you’ll be excited about

The ladies at the bridal shop actually told me they can always tell when a gal likes a dress because she pets it and dances in it. I know, I know. It sounds pretty weird, but it’s absolutely true. I liked all of the dresses, but I pet and danced the most in the one I chose. And I can’t wait for Mr. T to see me in it (I think that’s the best part).

Don’t be afraid to commit or nervous that you won’t like it in a year

Keep in mind that you just said yes to the one person that you want to spend your entire life with. So I am pretty sure you’ll be just fine with the dress a year down the road.

Do your research for a good bridal salon

I’m plus size so if you’re in the same boat I recommend going to a bridal shop that specializes in plus size dresses. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself. I ended up going to this place called Miss Pamela's in a little town called Rochester, Indiana. The ladies I dealt with were amazing. They made me feel beautiful and special. And I owe it all to my lovely sister who found the place for me.

Try not to be too nervous

This is your day. A day where you get to feel special and pretty. No matter how many melt downs you’ve have in the dressing room, bridal is different.

Don’t fret about the size

Repeat after me – bridal runs small. I mean really small. I purchased a dress that’s five sizes bigger than what I normally wear. It’s not about the size of the dress, but how you look and feel in it.

Spend what you’re comfortable with

If you have a budget, stick to it. I get that the dress is important, but there are ways to get dresses cheaper and there are plenty of dresses that are gorgeous that won’t cost as much as a new car. So If you’re not comfortable spending that much on a dress, don’t