Throwback Thursday: That Time I Was a Tan Red Head

Jess Red

This is me circa 2005. I love this picture. I love the memories I have from it. And that’s why it gets a spot as this week’s Throwback Thursday.

I had just graduated college and was living in Indianapolis working as a preschool teacher. The funny thing about this picture (to me) is all the pictures I have of NYC in the background. The bigger picture is actually a picture my mom took from the Empire State building when she made her first trip there in the 60s (I believe). I made my first trip to NYC in 2005 and I was more in love with it than I ever thought. I was so sad to leave, but living there felt so out of reach at the time. I was also still in college so I had to come back to finish everything up.

It’s crazy that I don’t need those pictures to remind me of my beloved New York. I can just walk out my door. (Technically Manhattan is a short subway ride away, but still).

It’s also crazy that I had red hair and totally normal nails. And that I was tan.