Thrifty Thursdays at the Shop: Whimsy Floral Scrap Paper Confetti


I'm pretty excited, you guys. Because I'm about to launch something super fun. At least in my humble opinion. Thrifty Thursdays, y'all. OK, that probably doesn't make any sense, so let me explain. Then maybe you'll be as excited as I am (fingers crossed).

When Mr. T and I lived in Brooklyn, we loved going to the thrift stores. Some of his most awesome clothing items have come from those stores. We'd make a day of it and it was so fun. I actually kinda really miss it.

And I have all of these leftover scraps and things from projects. Sometimes I cut too many shapes or I have pieces that would make something cool or I just have a scrap of paper (actually, I have a whole basket of scrap paper) that I could make into something really cool. Whatever it is, I feel like I have a giant pile of things that could be really cool.

So I decided to take that giant pile of things and actually make some things and list them on my shop with a little something I'm calling Thrifty Thursdays.

Here's how it will work.

  • I'll make some stuff - it could be scrap confetti or a garland out of cool miss matched patterns or a card from a left over die cut. The possibilities are kind of endless here, you guys.
  • I'll list a new item every Thursday at 3pm CST on my shop (I'll also post the item here on the blog as well). If you sign up for my newsletter, you'll get it delivered right to your inbox! Just click here to sign up for my mailing list. You'll also get some other super fun things for being a subscriber!
  • All items will be listed for $3. Which means you're getting a handmade item for a steal. But that's the point of the thrift shop, am I right?

Please note that all items are sold as is. They cannot be changed or altered in anyway. However, if you see something you like in the Thrifty Thursday section and want to turn it into a custom order, I'm totally happy to do that for you. It just doesn't qualify for the $3 deal.

So now I will stop all of my babbling and show you today's deal.

Whimsy floral scrap confetti

This comes in two different colors:

whimsy floral scrap confetti purple hydrangea

Purple with some blue and mint mixed in (think hydrangea colors)

whimsy floral scrap confetti blues

Blue multi whimsy floral scrap confetti

It was made from the leftover petals from two huge whimsy floral orders. It would be perfect to throw at a wedding, just sayin'. But, obviously, there are tons of other awesome things you can do with it. Might I also suggest throwing it in with some of the other whimsy floral stuff.

I do not know the exact count. My guess is the purple has 1,000+ pieces and the blue has 6,000+. But I cannot quote the exact amount.

Click here to purchase the purple and here to purchase the blue.

Each bag is $3. If you want both bags, I might be able to work out a deal.