Thrifty Thursdays at the Shop: Handmade Heart Cards


Holy wow, you guys. This week has been crazy. Crazy good, but never the less, crazy. I've been severely lacking with posts and I am so, so very sorry. But, life, you know what I mean? Anyway, I couldn't let Thursday go by without sharing my Thrifty Thursday deal! And this week's deal is so fun! Handmade heart cards. Thrifty heart cards

This week you can get these three pretty lil' cards for $3. Yep, that's right, THREE whole cards for $3. It's totally a steal.

Put them in your drawer and save them for Valentine's Day or for those days when you just want to tell someone that you heart them.

Cards are 5x7 and blank inside. Hearts are red, pink, and gold glitter. White envelope is included.

thrifty red heart card thrifty pink heart card thrifty gold glitter heart card

Head on over to my Etsy store to buy.

And, you know, check out some of my other stuff over there. I just listed some pretty amazing dino stuff. And the shark stuff is selling like hotcakes!

Hope you're all having a fab week!