Thrifty Thursdays at the Shop: Birthday Letters

I''m late. 48 minutes late to be exact. I actually was going to skip the whole thrifty Thursday thing this week and post it tomorrow (Thrifty Fridays work too, right?). At the last minute I was going to go to the grocery store, but then I realized I couldn't and I just had a moment where I felt overwhelmed. With life. With time. Whatever. So I decided to eat lunch, have ice cream, and puppy snuggles (and a nice talk with Mr. T). And, well, now suddenly I have no idea what I was even upset about. So, here's this week's late Thrifty Thursday. But an awesome deal nonetheless.

Happy birthday letters


The deal: some pretty lil' letters.

These letters are perfect for your next birthday party. They can easily be strung to make garland, hung on the wall, or used as some fab confetti.

Happy birthday letter


Letters are about 4 inches in size and are all the same color of purple. They've been cut from cardstock.

Go get ' em over on Etsy >>>