Things I Will Not Do Before My Wedding: Crash Diet

download (3)  Like a lot of brides I've known/read about, I have no plans to crash diet before my wedding. I also don't plan on jumping into any crazy workout routines. 

Why? Well for a few good reasons really.

I already have a dress that's currently being made for my plus-size self. And while I know alterations can be made, I think it's a waste of an expense. I am pretty sure I can find plenty of other uses for the couple hundred dollars it would cost to take the dress in.

I want to look like me on my wedding day. Honestly, I think it’s a little weird to totally change things about yourself just before your wedding. I mean, think about how weird it would be to look back on pictures and see someone who was 50 or more pounds lighter. That's not who I am and that's not who Mr. T fell in love with. Sure, a wedding is a special day and it only happens once, but like I said, I want to be me.

I have enough to worry about. Yep, I said it. I have appointments with caterers, florists, photographers, and the cake guy. I have to address everything and send it all out. There are so many little details for decorations that must be planned and organized. And whatever else there is that I need to do. Oh and I also have a blog, a job, and a life. So, yeah, I think that putting all this pressure on myself to look perfect is just insane. I just don't need that kind of pressure (no one does).

However, health is important (and not just for weddings, but in life in general) and I have realized that it's been escaping me more than it should over the past few months. So, here is my plan:

Measure my food

In an attempt to be more aware of what I am actually eating, I have started to measure my food. Even though I feel like an anal weirdo, it's actually a pretty awesome thing. It's given me so much perspective on how much food I should be eating (instead of just shoveling crap into my face).

Keep track of what I eat

I'm also keeping track of everything on an app on my phone. I'm using My Fitness Pal, partially because it seems to have what I want/need and also because Mr. T is using it too. It's kind of nice having a partner in all of this; especially a partner that you live with. It's really helpful to actually see all the stuff that you're putting in your body.

Be more active

I'm going to make an effort to be more active. You'll probably never find me in the gym eight times a week. Actually, you won't find me in the gym at all because I hate gyms. But, working from home, tends to make it really easy to never move your body. When I was in Chicago I used to walk home from the office or get off the bus a few stops early. You can't do that when you don't have to leave your apartment. So, I'm using my desire to explore Brooklyn and my love for kicking ass on the Wii to fuel myself into a frenzy of activity.

Keep track of my activity

I'm also using FitBit to tell me how active I'm being (or not being). I find that really helps me on days when I haven't done as much as I should. And it syncs with My Fitness Pal so I am able to keep track of everything in one place.

So that's it. No crash diets. No stressing out over every little thing that I eat. Just me, being me (or a little healthier version of me).