How to Go From Mustache Stirrers to Marriage

I have some really big news here. And if we’re palson Facebook or you follow me on Twitter you probably already know what I’m about to say. I’m engaged!

Here’s how it all happened:

A couple of weeks ago Mr. T and I were hanging out. We were enjoying a tasty beverage with some Jack From Brooklyn (more on that later) and just having a quiet night at my place. For some reason, we randomly decided to class things up a bit and use my lip and mustache stirrers.

He decided they would also make an awesome idea for a friend’s bachelor party and turned to Google to find where he could get some (I bought mine at target and they don’t have them anymore and clearly I can’t let him have mine). He ended up finding a whole lot of other mustache things which led to a conversation about how various mustache things would be pretty hilarious at our wedding.

The whole marriage and wedding thing wasn’t really a foreign topic for us. We’ve talked about the hard questions already since we wanted to be sure we were both on the same page. And, we’ve occasionally talked about how the whole wedding thing could/would possibly happen.

Anyway, the talk of various mustache things led us to talk about more wedding things which somehow led to setting a date for fall 2014. The next morning, we continued the conversation and felt this was something we really wanted. It no longer seemed like a “what if” kind of thing – this was legit. We told our families and closest friends and started really planning and thinking about when and where. But we didn’t make it completely officially official because he really wanted to propose.

And on Tuesday night that’s exactly what he did.

We went to dinner with one of his best friends and then headed to his (our) local for a drink after.  One of the best parts about this place is the fact that the bartender also does magic. And, this place and all the magic stuff is kind of a thing for us. One of our early dates was there — with magic and karaoke. We also spent many Saturday afternoons and nights there since we first started dating during football season. It’s also the first place I met his best friend and where we first said I love you. Yep, there’s some stuff there.

The place wasn’t that busy so they asked the bartender to do some magic. He started with a card trick and then followed with a trick with a cup and a little red ball. He made the ball disappear and reappear. Then, instead of the red ball, he made two limes appear under the cup. I still don’t know how all that happens and it still amazes me.

Then he made a plum appear under the cup. He turned the plum a little and there was the ring. Mr. T took the ring, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.

Of course I said yes and there were lots of claps and cheers. And later that night we toasted to marriage with PBRs. Seriously, I adore this man.

I’m still swooning a little and I’m ridiculously happy. And I am really excited to marry him.

Most amazing picture of the ring ever (it pays to know photographers). However, you can’t tell the color of the stone. It’s purple, but changes from blue, teal, purple, or kind of a combination of all depending on the light.

*This post originally appeared on my dating blog, Not What I Ordered