The Perfect Woman (According To a Vanity Fair Poll)

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I was going to write a post for Put This on Your List today, but then I stumbled upon this lovely article about the perfect woman (according to a Vanity Fair poll) over on the Frisky and I wanted to throw in my two cents.

Side note: Now, we all know how I feel about statistics – I find them interesting, but most of them are full of crap. Also, I really hate the use of the word perfect. In all seriousness, do people know how awful that word is sometimes? Perfect is different for everyone. Actually some people don’t really even believe in the word perfect, but it’s more about what feels right for them (or what makes them happy).

This particular survey was done on a random sample of 1,017 adults nationwide. And even though some guy told me the other day that I am the perfect woman for my love of Food Network, Johnny Cash, bacon, and beer this poll says he’s wrong. I seriously fail here.

You can take a look at the survey for yourself. Personally I found the results to be a little inconsistent but here are a few things I found most interesting:

  • 39% think being a good mother is most important in a woman. Brains followed closely behind at 33%. However, being a good cook and beauty were both under 5%. I have to say though, I’m not that crazy about good mother being so high. I mean, I obviously think that being a good mother is important if you are one, but not every woman is a mother.
  • A fondness for the movie Fatal Attraction is a deal breaker, while the love for Steel Magnolias is not. Given the happenings in Fatal Attraction, I think that’s fair. I would maybe watch Steel Magnolias if the fate of the free world depended on it. And I am pretty sure I’ve willingly watched Fatal Attraction a time or two in my lifetime.
  • A bold and experienced woman is more desirable over one that’s sweet and innocent. I guess that blows that June Clever thing right out of the water, doesn’t it? Though I kind of want to know how they define experienced.
  • Most said Penny from The Big Bang Theory is the television character they would most likely choose to marry. I don’t really know most of the other characters, and I’ve only watched Big Bang Theory a handful of times, but I don’t really understand that one.
  • 20% of men said they would be most willing to give up religion in order to have the perfect woman. I’m not sure where I stand on that, but I can say that Mr. T did not have to give that up to have me (and I don’t think he would have).

And, yep, there’s one for the fellas too.

What about everyone else? What are your thoughts?