The Latest Things: Volume 2

the latest things vol 2 Things have been so hectic around these parts that I almost forgot to write about the latest things! But never fear.

Accomplishment: I sold one of my owl party kits that are listed over on my shop website. The gal who bought it also tweeted me a picture of how she used it. It felt pretty amazing to see my stuff in action like that. A little piece of me out in the world.

Freaking out about: My upcoming craft fair. It's my very first and I'm really excited about it, but also scared. I wasn't going to do it, but Mr. T encourage the shit out of me so I decided he was right. And I really wanted to do it. But I'm freaking out you guys. I have no idea what to expect or how many things to make.

Watching: Gilmore Girls. I wasn't that into that show when it was on, but now I'm obsessed. Partially because I like to have something on in the background while I'm making all of my 994 things for the craft fair. And also because daytime TV really sucks. And I feel judged by Netflix because it asks me at least twice a day if I'm still watching Gilmore Girls. Does it know I'm almost 35?

Travelling to: Tennessee because Mr. T's cousin is getting married. I'm super excited for a little time away and a road trip. But also excited to celebrate with his family. Weddings are so fun.

Eating: Apples and caramel dip. I can't get enough of it. Meijer has apples super cheap and it's all my favorite kinds so I bought more than one person should and I can't stop eating all of the apple.

What about you? What are the things that you're into lately?