The Latest Things

Photo credit: Marina (Flickr) Remember that one time that I decided to start a weekly feature about the things I'm obsessing over? Yeah, me neither. It was so short lived that I don't blame anyone for having no idea what I'm talking about.

I tried. And I was super excited about it. But then things got all crazy with the move. I also realized that it was kind of hard to write about my obsessions each week. Sometimes I have a ton. Sometimes I have none. Sometimes they're the same as the previous week. Sometimes I just didn't feel like writing about them because life.

Anyway. I'm going to start it again. This time it will be a bit different though. I'll do it once a month. Probably in the middle since that's apparently when I'm starting it now. And it won't be just a list of things, but rather a few things, some happenings, or things I'm thinking about.

So here we go. The latest things...

Listening to: The Pulse radio station on SiriusXM. Did y'all know you could get an app on your phone and the computer? I seriously had no idea. Of course maybe that's because we didn't have a car, but still. It's pretty awesome.

Watching: The King of Queens. Mr. T and I found a cheapish set on Amazon and we've been watching it ever since. We actually ran through the whole series and we're starting over again. We're totally Doug and Carrie.

Eating: A BLT wrap. I've been obsessed with wraps lately. Probably because I'm just not a gal who gets excited over sandwiches. I usually make Mr. T's lunch in the morning and then I make my own as well. That way I just have to grab it and eat. It makes it really easy on busy days or days when I just don't know what to eat.

Wishing for: Fall weather. Like true fall weather. Where you need a sweater and boots. It's coming, right?

Freaking out about: Mr. T and I are in the early stages of house hunting. It's very early which is why I'm not talking about it just yet. I'll definitely share once we actually start. But, yeah, it's overwhelming, you guys.

Traveling to: The great state of Ohio. We visited Mr. T's family last weekend. We also drove past the B&B where we were married last year. It was kind of neat seeing the place and remembering all the excitement around this time last year.