The Holl & Lane Holiday Issue

So you're probably tired of me talking about this (that is, if we're pals on social media). But have you guys seen the Holl & Lane holiday issue? It launched this week and it is beautiful! Just look at it. Issue 4_square

Inside you'll find some awesome holiday decorating tips, recipes, stories, and so many other fun holiday things. You'll also find a tasty recipe for some booze and some tips on surviving the holidays with the fam by yours truly.

Click here to check it out.

Also, some fun news about the magazine -- starting Monday, you can purchase a 6 month subscription (which means 3 issues!) to Holl & Lane for just $7.99! We will be charging $2.99 per issue beginning with Issue 5 to help cover the costs associated with production and publishing. So hopefully you all will check us out and help support the magazine.