The Bar Beat Park Slope: Supercollider

Bars are fun and it isn’t because of the alcohol, but more aboutthe overall atmosphere. I’m definitely a fan of my usual local and I can also appreciate kicking back in a new place once in a while.  So when Mr. T said, “we should go to all the bars in Park Slope and then make a feature out of it for your blog” I thought that sounded pretty brilliant. And that’s what we’re doing with a little something called The Bar Beat in Park Slope. This week we’re featuring Supercollider.

(Read all the details about The Bar Beat here)


(They actually have no website so here’s a link to their Yelp page)


Location: 609 4th Ave (between 18th St & 17th St)

Quality of Food/Selection: This bar has no food, but they do grill out sometimes on their back patio and they will let you have anything you want delivered.

Quality of Drink/Selection: They have a great selection of tasty cocktails that are all named after something science related (pretty cool if you ask me). I was sold on any of the drinks with coffee (which was proved to be an issue when we got home and I wanted to stay up until 4am playing Mario Kart). At one point they ran out of one of the ingredients for the drink I was drinking so the bartender improvised and it was actually even better. Mr. T had a few scotch drinks and felt they were a tad weak on the scotch. They also have 15-20 beers on tap – all specialty.


Accessibility: It’s less than a block from the Prospect Ave R stop

Price: Beers run around $6 and cocktails were about $8-10.

We maybe out drank our budget and spent about $90 here (oops). I lost track of the amount of cocktails we both had, but I can tell you the reason we stayed was because of the atmosphere. Bonus for this place.

Service: Spectacular. The bartender was so fun and friendly, but not annoying and in your face. As already noted she improvised on my drink to still make it tasty and was very communicative that she ran out of the stuff. And this is the place where I was introduced to the pickleback by the bartender.

Happy Hour: 2 for 1 wells from 4:00-7:00

Miscellaneous Fact: This place is actually a coffee shop during the day.

Atmosphere:  It has a really cool, chill kind of vibe. Kind of 80s new wave. It’s a great end of the night place and an awesome hang out and drink place. The other patrons are super friendly (even when drunk) and everyone seems to know everyone. It would also be a good place to meet someone for the first time for a quick couple of drinks (I don’t think it’s a good first date spot). It has free WiFi, but you’ll get an awful phone signal inside.