The Bar Beat Park Slope: Side Car

Bars are fun and it isn’t just because of the alcohol, but also about the overall atmosphere. I’m definitely a fan of my usual local and I can also appreciate kicking back in a new place once in a while.  And when Mr. T said, “we should go to all the bars in Park Slope and then make a feature out of it for your blog” I thought that sounded pretty brilliant (I knew I was marrying a smart man). So that’s what we’re doing with a little something called The Bar Beat in Park Slope. This week we’re featuring Side Car. (Read all the details about The Bar Beat here)

Side Car



Mr. T -- I'll give it a 4. It's good, but not over $60 for brunch kind of good.

Jess -- I'll give it a 4 too. Good food, good drinks, but they couldn't just give us one mimosa with brunch?

Quality of drinks

They had some really great sounding specialty drinks. We went with just plain old mimosas which were very tasty and made with fresh squeezed orange juice (I like when my liquor is good for me). They have 6 beers on tap and 18 bottles. There's a good selection, but it’s not really anything you can't get some place else in Park Slope. Whiskey and tequila seem to be their thing -- they have 12 scotches, 11 bourbons and ryes, and 7 Irish whiskeys.

Quality of food

Their brunch was really good and really filling. They have a good selection of sweet and savory. They also do a good job at mixing the traditional items with the non-traditional. I had an omelet with cheddar cheese, bacon, and sausage and Mr. T had fried chicken and waffles. Both were extremely tasty and it was actually my first time with the whole chicken and waffles thing (don’t judge).


The hostess immediately greeted us and was really friendly. The waitress was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She was also really attentive, but wasn't in your face.

Happy hour

There wasn't anything advertised and they don't even have one damn mimosa with brunch, but apparently they have 1/2 price oysters and wine from 3-6.


Honestly, a little on the pricey side. We spent $68 (before tip) for 4 mimosas and food. There's no kind of deals for brunch (and, yes, I am still whining that I didn't get ONE mimosa with brunch).


It feels pretty Brooklyn hipstery, but in a good way. I've been to many places that I wouldn't revisit because of there hispteryness. This one I would definitely go back to. You also probably won't catch a lot of the Park Slope mommies here. It kind of has a southern feel with the apple butter, fried chicken and waffles, and bourbon. It’s great for food with friends or a date. It definitely feels more like a restaurant than a bar.

Miscellaneous Fact

There's this cool wall that says "Dr. Tuckers 59" on it. Mr. T and I just thought it was some cool décor, but apparently they uncovered it while they were putting the restaurant together. Dr. Tuckers 59 is a popular elixir which was believed to have cocaine in it (at least that's what Google told me).