The Bar Beat Park Slope: Sea Witch

Bars are fun and it isn’t because of the alcohol, but more about the overall atmosphere. I’m definitely a fan of my usual local and I can also appreciate kicking back in a new place once in a while.  So when Mr. T said, “we should go to all the bars in Park Slope and then make a feature out of it for your blog” I thought that sounded pretty brilliant. And that’s what we’re doing with a little something called The Bar Beat in Park Slope. This week we’re featuring Sea Witch.

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Sea Witch

Sea Witch


Location:  703 5th Ave (between 21st and 22nd Streets)

Quality of Food/Selection: Good quality and decent selection. I had the pork schnitzel sandwich and some fries. Mr. T had the burger and some fries. Both were very tasty. I think some of it was a bit overpriced, but I’ve seen pricier things in my lifetime. There is a food window when you first walk into the bar and that’s where you order food. It was kind of confusing at first because no one was there so we had to ask the bartender. After you order your food they give you one of those things that lights and vibrates so you know when you’re food is ready.






Quality of Drink/Selection: Mr. T had specialty cocktail – he said it felt a little small, but was good. I had a pumpkin beer and you really can’t go wrong with that. It was also tasty. They have a decent selection of specialty cocktails including a few that seem to be seasonal. I think we counted around 20 beers on tap and they have a mix of craft and well known.

Price: Beers around $6 and cocktails seem to be around $6 as well (we kind of forgot to write this down). Here is what we spent:

Food $23.40 + drinks $12 = $35.40 (before tip)

Happy hour: $2 off well, draft and wine. They also have $1 oysters.

Service: Frankly, it sucked. The bartender was kind of rude and looked at Mr. T weird when he ordered a cocktail. It’s OK for a dude to order a cocktail. Really. The food guy disappeared and we had to wait for forever to order. He also wasn’t all that friendly or apologetic.

Miscellaneous Fact: They have this awesome mural of a pretty mermaid.

Atmosphere: They have a nice back patio though it was too packed for us to get a seat. From what I have heard, this is what really makes the place awesome. So we may have felt differently if we had been able to sit there. The music was really weird for the kind of place it was – they played heavy metal most of the time we were there. This place has no TVs so it’s not good for watching sports. If you can get to the back patio, it’s good for hanging with friends or even a date. However, the inside is a different story. It would be good for a drink and a bite, but it’s not very comfortable and didn’t seem like the kind of place you’d want to stay at for hours.