The Bar Beat in Park Slope: Quarter

Bars are fun and it isn’t because of the alcohol, but more aboutthe overall atmosphere. I’m definitely a fan of my usual local and I can also appreciate kicking back in a new place once in a while.  So when Mr. T said, “we should go to all the bars in Park Slope and then make a feature out of it for your blog” I thought that sounded pretty brilliant. And that’s what we’re doing with a little something called The Bar Beat in Park Slope. Each week we'll visit a new bar and then give you the scoop. First up, Quarter(Read all the details about The Bar Beat here)


Location: 676 5th Ave (between 20th and 21st Ave) Map


Quality of Food/Selection: All they really have are a few different premade savory pies. We tried the steak and cheese and the chicken. They tasted pretty good, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat them again and I definitely wouldn’t go to this place for dinner.

Quality of Drink/Selection: They have lots of specialty cocktails with fun names like: The Good Girl and 1928 Sea Breeze. I tried both and they were amazing. The bartender also really knew his stuff and was great at recommending something based on what I liked. Mr. T enjoyed the beer selection – there’s about six on tap and some of the beers they have are those less commonly found.

Accessibility: It’s about a five or six block walk from the Prospect Avenue stop on the R train.

Price: Beer is about $5-$6 for American Pints. Cocktails will run you around $10-$11. And the pies are $7. We had: 2 beers, 2 cocktails, 2 pies = $41 total before tip

Service: They don’t really seem to have table service, but it wasn’t that busy when we were there so I’m not sure if that’s usual. The bartender was super friendly, but not in your face and all in your business. He was also attentive – my glass was never empty.

Happy Hour: Monday – Friday $2 off tap, wells, and wine. They also have a beer and shot deal for $6 all the time. It’s a pretty decent happy hour for the area.

Miscellaneous Fact: They have a bathtub with flowers on the back patio. I don’t know why, but I thought this was amazing.

Atmosphere:  Overall it kind of has an old school, vintage kind of feel. They also have a back patio which is one of the better ones that I’ve seen in the area. There were lots of trees and plants so it felt kind of private and it was big enough to fit a lot of people without being cramped. We both agree that this would be a great spot for a first date or out with friends. It would also be perfect for some great day drinking. It wouldn’t be good for sports of any kind as there are no TVs anywhere.