Lesson #1 For 2016: Take One Thing At a Time

Photo credit: Javcon117* (Flickr) I've been sitting at my desk for way too much time, frantically wondering what I should post. I'm trying so hard to get back to a regular content schedule because I love writing and miss it (and I also feel like the worst blogger on the planet).

Then I found myself feeling frustrated because I'm not on track yet. I mean, I'm starting to get there -- I spent yesterday planning the first corner for my biz -- but I'm not there. So many things to figure out and plan. And it's exhausting.

But then I realized that I'm putting so much unrealistic pressure on myself. So I guess this is lesson #1 of 2016:

Take one thing at a time.

I want to do everything -- get back on a schedule, work on my shop, do all of my goals, and so on. But I also need to get unpacked and get shit organized so I can even begin to figure out said schedule and goals.

And, well, we only moved in a little over a week ago and this place is almost all the way settled. That's a huge accomplishment right there.

I also sat down and made a plan for my stationery store. I literally planned out the next three months. I mean the days and things aren't set in stone, but I know what I want to do and when to do it. That's another accomplishment.

I have goals. Big goals for this year (like the ones I wrote about in this post). Huge goals.

But there's nothing wrong with making a list of them and taking them one at a time as there is time and when I'm ready. After all, I have almost 12 whole months left, right?

So slow down Jess. Take one thing at a time. Do it right. And enjoy life. (Mr. T is gonna be so proud of this post!)