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I'm Back as a Mrs. (with a few wedding tips for brides)

So Mr. T and I are officially married. I'm not going to lie, it's still all sinking in and I can't believe it's over. We planned our wedding for over a year and now it's done. Just like that. And things are slowly getting back to normal around here. The day was  pretty darn amazing though. And I know everyone says that, but it truly was. The weather was beautiful though a bit hot. I felt so incredibly loved and not just because it was our wedding day, but because I truly felt we were surrounded by so much incredible love and support from our friends and family. We are truly blessed in life.

I am actually really glad that we had a wedding. I didn't really want one at first (I've mentioned that before). But, honestly, I'm so happy we had one. I truly am. Weddings are actually kind of awesome. I loved having that day with him and sharing it with everyone we care about. And I am glad that we will have so many amazing memories from the whole weekend for the rest of our lives.

And, of course, I learned a whole lot of stuff about planning and being a bride. So here are few wedding tips for brides to help you while you're planning (and enjoying) the big day.

Order extra envelopes.

Seriously, you'll need them. Even if you think you won't, you will. And you can always use extra envelopes in life.

Make sure your wedding fits who you are as a couple.

Mr. T and I aren't a very stuffy couple. We used funny wording on our RSVP cards and had pulled pork for our dinner. We also added personal touches with our signage and programs to add a little fun and humor. Do whatever you can to make sure people can tell it's your wedding.

Be crafty and be willing to improvise.

We bought all this card stock and then found out it wouldn't work because the ink smeared. Instead of spending $994 on boring ass card stock, I got crafty and used paper we had purchased for other things. It actually turned out way better than the original plan.

Don't get too caught up in having a unique wedding.

There will be at least one person at your wedding that's seen the things you've done. There will also be people who have never seen the things you've done. But, at the end of the day, none of that really matters as long as it's what you want and people are having a good time.

Save money on places that don't matter as much so you can splurge on those that do.

We cut costs on things like signs, programs, etc. so we could splurge on other things. And, honestly, I loved having the opportunity to use my creativity to create so many amazing things for our wedding (I had help from lots of people too). Now that I look back on it, I think there were other places we could have saved.

Be kind and grateful.

Weddings are definitely stressful, but try not to take it out on everyone around you. I'm not sure how good I was at this because there were times that I wanted to pull my hair out. But, really, try to keep it in check as much as you can.

Double, triple, quadruple check your counts and details.

We almost had a minor fiasco when we realized we had given the wrong count to the caterer. We were only off by one so it worked out fine, but could have been worse. And speaking of counts, be sure to include yourself and your groom in the count.

There will be hiccups, but you'll probably be the only one who notices (and the only one who thinks it matters).

No matter how much you plan things will go wrong. We were short napkins. One of our linens was the wrong color. Some of the food was wrong. The sound system had issues. I wasn't even sure if one of my bridesmaids would even make it to the ceremony (she was caught in all the craziness at the Chicago airport). But, at the end of the day, everything turned out just fine and I don't think anyone even noticed.

Take as much of it in as you can.

It's so cliché, but time goes FAST. One moment I was nervous about our first look, then suddenly it was the reception and we were cutting the cake. I actually had a moment where I forgot about our first dance because everything was happening so fast. I had to seriously stop and remind myself to take in all of the moments so I wouldn't forget or miss a thing.

Have fun.

Seriously. Have. Fun. Don't get too caught up in all the perfection of everything that you don't enjoy yourself. Just focus on how you feel and enjoy yourself. In the beginning I was worried about the bar, the music, the food, my lipstick, and probably a few other things. But Mr. T (and others) reminded me that people were having fun so all was good. Everyone was totally right. I let loose and had a blast. At the end of the night I didn't even remember all those things because I was too busy having a blast.

I really wish I could give you all a play by play of the whole day. But, instead, I will give you a few shots that I love and that really capture how amazing and beautiful the day was. Obviously I can't include everything in this post so be on the lookout for more posts on decor, photography, and so on in the coming weeks. The wedding is totally taking over the blog! All photos by Kevin Lush.

Wedding Tip: Shop Etsy for Inspiration and DIY Touches

Etsy is a a bride-to-be's dream. They have everything on there. And I do mean everything. The best part is that the stuff is mostly homemade. So not only does it fit with our theme and with all of the DIY things that we are adding to the wedding, but that means you can find some different stuff.

Wedding Tip: Addressing Wedding Invitations

Ever since I addressed our save the dates, I've been dreading the invitations. I hate labels and didn't like the idea of printing on the envelopes. So I researched to find a solution that will still be pretty and give the envelopes a personal touch.