small town

Rensselaer, Indiana. Population 6,000 (give or take)

We're here you guys. In our new house. Finally. And I get to write my very first post from my new work space in our new house (will saying our new house ever get old?). So now we officially live in Rensselaer, Indiana. And I still don't know how to spell Rensselaer without looking it up. It actually took me months to learn how to say it. Rennsaleeeeeeer -- nothing link how it's spelled -- in case you're wondering.


It's been a long road as I'm sure you're aware. A road that left us in a dorm room for Christmas. But it was totally worth it.

We moved in exactly one week ago and I actually meant to write a post beforehand, but once we had the official date of possession my brain went into WE HAVE A HOUSE! mode and I couldn't really function. And then we didn't have internet and I was busy unpacking and settling and moving into a house is hard you guys. But I wanted to update you and show you all the things we've been doing. I have so many things planned for this place. I love this house. I feel like I find a new favorite thing every day.

So here's a little tour. And, as you'll see, it's all still very much a work in progress. (Sorry the pictures are of kind of crappy quality and so tall. I have to get the hang of this whole taking pictures of your house thing.)

Side note: I feel a little weird posting pictures of my chaotic, messy house. But this real life y'all. Moving is one big giant mess of chaos. And one of my goals for this blog (and my social media accounts) is to post more real life things. Not worry so much about creating the perfect shot. Show a little of the chaos (not just the collected) and be proud if it.

The living room

When you first walk in there is a little entry way with a closet (one of 994 closets). Then you're immediately in the living room. And just look at how cozy it is. The beams and gas fire place were a huge selling point for us in this house.

20160108_082041 20160108_082027 20160108_082005

The kitchen/dining room

I have wait my whole life for a kitchen like this. There is so much storage. What you can't see is a whole other set of cabinets on the wall that's not pictured. You also can't see the pull outs in all of the bottom cabinets. Seriously, you guys. The first thing I did was organize this baby and I was in heaven. The dining room area is pretty fab too. The little faux fireplace makes it so cozy and I love that it's part of the kitchen. The double doors lead out to a three seasons room (below) and the doors are actually from an old library.




The three seasons room

Look at it. Full of windows and all kinds of cozy peacefulness. Perfect for writing and hanging out. Our plan is to make it super cozy in here. Maybe set up a spot for games and puzzles. And eventually build a bar of some sort.


Laundry room

I've never had a whole room for laundry. What do you even do with it? Well, you put things in it and have room to clean your clothes and it's pretty amazing. There's also an attic up top.


The bathroom

It's small, but it's pretty awesome. There's plenty of wall space for cute things. And there's also a faux fireplace in there as well.

20160108_081731 20160108_081741


We have three. Mama C has one (not pictured). Then one is ours which is severely lacking in the décor department at the moment. We have to wait for our mattress and box springs and our bed before we can do much. And then my craft room/office/shop which will need a week's worth of organization.

20160108_081642 20160108_081705

Not pictured

The outside which is a super magical place fill with trees and plants and so many things that I can't even begin to capture through pictures. It's also a snowy winter day so it just doesn't do it justice at all. It's like Narnia out there. If I knew what Narnia actually looked like. I assume it's magical, right??

Three closets in the hallway. THREE. Coming from a Brooklyn gal who had NO closets, one would have been amazing. But three? I almost don't know what to do with them. In fact, one is almost empty at the moment.

All of the big changes will come at a later time, but in the meantime we're working to decorate and make this place feel like home. It's such a weird feeling, owning your first home. I still keep feeling like we live in someone else's place and worrying about all of the things I worried about as a renter. But I suppose that will pass in time.

I promise to keep you all updated as I DIY the heck out of this place and as we continue to get settled. We've done so many fun things already and I simply love this place. And we have some bigger projects too! It's in need of some painting. I want to paint all of the rooms gray so if you have any ideas, share them with me!

I plan on tagging everything I post with the hashtag #AChaoticandCollectedHome on Twitter and Instagram so feel free to follow along with everything.

Can you tell I'm excited about this place?!?