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Healthy Life Journal: Week 14 & 15

Healthy Life Journal: Week 14 & 15

I survived my first holiday as a healthy(ier) vegetarian. And I did pretty damn good. I didn't even gain a pound. Though I totally blew my diet on Mama C's birthday cupcakes.

Body shaming. It's Not OK.

This isn’t a war of the skinny versus the fat or the plus sized versus the non plus sized. Rather, this is about body shaming. It’s everywhere and it attacks everyone no matter what size you are.

Can A Woman Be Too Pretty To Marry A Poor Guy?

I read a lot of crap on the internet (don’t we all?). And much of that crap leaves me with the “are you kidding me?” kind of expression/thoughts in my head. An article I read yesterday in The Frisky did just that. It probably deserves the title of the worst thing I’ve read this week.