How to Make a Salad More Interesting

Salad Bar I love salads. I mean, legitimately love them. So Mr. T and I have been incorporating more of them into our weeknight dinners. They are easy to make and help fill our bodies full of veggies.

So last night I decided to get a little creative. We wanted to eat at the table so I thought why not make a "salad bar"? Basically we put the lettuce in our main big bowl. Then we chopped up tons of vegetables, cheese, and pepperoni (that's the key to any good salad, trust me) and put them all into individual bowls. And BOOM! -- our very own salad bar.

It's also pretty awesome if you like different things your salad or if there is something you just don't feel like putting in it. I love cucumbers in my salad and Mr. T hates them. He also hates celery in salad. And sometimes I'm just not feeling broccoli.

So, there you have it. If you're looking for a way to make salad a little more interesting, make a salad bar. You could do it with all sorts of things and get crazy creative with the ingredients too. My only regret is the fact that we had to wash all the bowls afterwards. But that is often my regret when we make things because we don't have a dishwasher.