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OkCupid Experiments with Human Beings

Human Experiment I wasn't going to write about the whole OkCupid thing, but then I realized I have a few thoughts so I wanted to throw my two cents in.

If you don't know the scoop, OkCupid recently revealed that they experiment on humans. And not in some weird scientific kind of way, but just through the website. You know, to see how people think and date and stuff.


And now a lot of people are outraged and have their undies in a bundle. But, my question is, what's the harm? I mean, really. What is the harm? How is this different from any other site that does it?

Ok. I can kind of understand it. I mean, taking your information and manipulating it in ways that you don't know about is kind of wrong. And lying to you about matches or hiding things is probably kind of wrong too.

But I honestly don't see what the big deal is.

I guess if you take their matching percentages for their worth it might be a little misleading. But, honestly, I was never compatible in person with any of the people I had high percentages with. In fact, Mr. T and I weren't that high. I was actually lower on the scale than any other girl he met off the site.

We really like those people just because we're told we're supposed to (as OkCupid pointed out as one of their reasons for experimenting in the first place). Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone isn't a bad thing. And, to me, this experimentation just helped people out a little with that.

Also, did I miss where they only allowed you to date the people they lied about? I mean, you're able to search on OkCupid in many ways, right? That's actually how Mr. T found me -- he searched beer. You really shouldn't be basing all of your online dating decisions solely on the percentages anyway.

You also make a choice in who you meet. So if you exchange a few messages with someone and they don't suit your fancy, you don't have to meet them.

So, maybe it's a little sneaky. Maybe a little conniving. Maybe a little wrong. But I don't think it's earth shattering. I don't think it's a reason to not trust the site or to not join it.

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