my weekend in photos

My Weekend in Photos: Halloween is Awesome

This past weekend was my second year dressing up for Halloween. It's a big thing for me because if you remember correctly, I hated dressing up and though most couples costumes were pretty dumb. This year Mr. T and I dressed up as each other and it was actually a pretty big hit. Though we did get a ton of confused looks on our subway ride to a friend's party. Nevertheless it was a good time. And the party was fun too. We have this friend who always does these amazing themes for her parties. It always goes with whatever costume she's chosen. It's beyond creative and I am actually almost a little jealous at how awesome she is at this stuff.

Happy Monday everyone!

My Weekend in Photos: Birthday Fun

So far, being married is pretty awesome (and so is being a newlywed). I am trying to get back into the swing of things, but I am also trying to relax and enjoy all the fun of being a newlywed. It takes some time to learn how to balance it all and we all know I am anal. This past weekend was a good blend of so many great things: birthday fun, NYC, and fall. I was in Manhattan on Friday and was reminded of how much I love this amazing city. Then I took advantage of the cooler temps by making some yummy potato soup. We had a bit of an early birthday celebration for yours truly. My birthday is Thursday, Mr. T and I are going upstate this coming weekend for our "mini-moon" so we won't be in NYC. It was a low-key birthday -- just dinner and drinks with some of our friends. And it was a perfect way to celebrate the day. Lots of food and booze and cupcakes made from scratch by Mr. T. We shopped at the thrift store beforehand and then he made me a huge breakfast on Sunday.

Birthday Fun



I love NYC and Fall



Happy Monday everyone! Tell me about your weekend!

My Weekend In Photos: Volume 2

Sometimes I dine out or visit some crappy dive bar. Sometimes I grocery shop and clip coupons. Sometimes I sit on the couch with Mr. T and watch really stupid movies or the court shows(don’t judge). Sometimes I drink vodka cokes out of a plastic cup. And I’ve yet to randomly run into a celebrity (except that one time I sorta hung out with Perez Hilton and Patti Stanger). So I’ve decided to document it all and share my weekend happenings. Exactly how they happen. No matter what happens. No matter how interesting or how boring. This is my life. This is my weekend in photos. This weekend I had a much needed date night with Mr. T. With out month in the midwest and then his crazy teaching schedule it felt like ages since we actually had a night out. We ate the "best" wings in Brooklyn and then had drinks at a couple of bars where our friend was bartending (we hadn't seen him in forever).