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It's always been my secret wish to be an artist. I paint a little, but it's mostly just for fun and then I just hang the pieces around our apartment. I don't think that I could ever sell one of my paintings or enter it in a contest or anything. But, one of the reasons that I paint is because I like to have fun, unique art that matches my decor. I don't like going to the store and getting the same old boring stuff that you see everywhere. So when I was invited to check out and do a little review of the site I was pretty excited. I'd heard about it, but never really explored it much.

And I'm pretty sure it's my new obsession.

They have really cool art like this:


And this:



And this:

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And this:

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I am seriously drooling over here. If that's a thing you can do over art. And it's kind of perfect timing since Mr. T and I will be moving and decorating a new pad this summer. I would probably hang the black and white arts in our dining room (if we get to have one) and then paint the walls a fun color so the art would pop. The city like art would go on our picture wall or maybe the bedroom.

I already have like 994 designs saved. You can also change things like the frame color or style or size which opens the door for all kids of fun and creativity.

I can picture them over the bed. Or in the living room with our picture wall. Or in the dining room. Actually, let's all be honest, I can picture them in pretty much every room.

And, kind of related, but not really, they also have a really fantastic new line of wedding stationery. I am almost a little jealous and want to get married again so I can order some of it. Is it weird to have two weddings within a year or how about a vow renewal? Too soon?

So, go check out Buy some cool stuff and then come tell me about it.