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A Facelift And A New Title

Photo courtesy of Dru Bloomfield (Flickr) So I bet you're wondering what's going on. First I had a dating blog and then I had a lifestyle blog and now I have another lifestyle blog with a new name. Why? Well, let me explain.

When I started my new blog Last Call last year I was in a confused state. Not my life state, but in my blog and writing state. I had written about dating for so long and I just assumed that my new blog would be about the next chapter in my life. Still about relationships and an easy transition.

But I found that wasn't as easy as I thought it was. Coming up with new content weekly was a struggle. And since I like to write a few times a week it was almost impossible. I don't want to share everything about my relationship, but I do like sharing the things that I am learning and realizing. But obviouslvI don't learn and realize things everyday in my relationship so I felt like I was just trying to write the same articles over and over again. And none of that makes for very good fodder.

After talks with Mr. T I decided to write about things that I enjoy. Things that I am good at. I love organizing, crafting, and cooking. And I think I have a lot of great tips to share. I gradually started to intro those things into the blog and my passion was reborn again.

However, the title of the blog was a problem. As time went by I realized it didn't really fit the direction of the blog and it definitely didn't fit who I am as a person. Honestly, it just never felt like home to me. I didn't love it the way I loved my dating blog. It might seem weird that a title would have that much weight since it's more about the content, but since this is my little home on the web, I think the title is just as crucial.

So, after a lot of thinking (and a whole lot of fear of what would happen if I reintroduced my blog again) I decided that I needed to woman up and just change the title. I would never feel as attached to my blog as I wanted to (and should be) if I didn't.

Over the weekend I sat down with Mr. T in hopes of figuring out a new title. I suck at titles. I've never actually thought of a single blog title in all my years of blogging. We thought of a few ideas and Chaotic & Collected was born. I can't totally take the credit because it was mostly Mr. T. I feel like it sums up my life (and me) perfectly. A little bit of smooth awesomeness and a little bit crazy. And I adore it (the blog and my life).

Nothing else about the blog has or will change. I've transferred everything over. I'll still be bringing all the same ideas, tips, and thoughts as before. It will just be from a different URL.

So welcome. Feel free to look around and make yourself at home. I promise it will be here awhile.