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7 Ways to Make a Functional Home Office (That's Also Fun & Homey)

I work from home and I've found that having a dedicated work space helps me to be productive. I used to work from the couch or my bed, but, well, that's not that great because I tend to be too relaxed and end up watching TV (those court shows always suck me in) or napping. The only problem is I've found that sometimes it's hard to have this amazing office space that gives me everything I need, but that also feels like it should fit inside my home. I don't want some boring corporate cubicle in my home. So, here's how to make a functional home office that's also fun and homey. The best part is most of them are pretty inexpensive too. Decorate

1. Decorate

I am pretty sure that I would die if I didn't have art work in my home. There is just something about it that really brings a space to life. I make some of my own stuff, but I also buy it or utilize pictures and other things. So my office isn't any different. Add some of the touches you would add to any room. Get a cute rug or lamp. Hang some pictures. Be creative and make sure you're showing a little of your personality there too.


2. Organization

I'm an organization freak in any room of the apartment. But I find in the office it's even more important. A stack of papers here and office supplies there can make it feel a little too corporate like or like I should be on an episode of Hoarders. Clearly that's not a great environment to be productive.  So invest in some good storage so you can keep things neat and tidy (and by that I mean hide things away when you want to/need to). You don't necessarily have to buy office storage either. I actually found a lot of good stuff at IKEA and it's always an excuse to check out the thrift/antique store to find some cool pieces.

Office seating area

3. Make a seating area

We made our seating area by accident. We have this huge ottoman that I love and don't want to get rid of just yet, but we have no room for it anywhere. So into the office it went. I discovered that, with a few pillows, it makes a really cute little seating area. It's good for reading or if Mr. T is in the office with me. It also just helps to give that comfy home feel.


4. Hang things in a different way

I like to hang papers with various bits of info near my desk. That way it's always handy when I need it. But bulletin boards suck (in my opinion) for that kind of thing. And just hanging the papers with thumbtacks leaves 994 holes and really just makes me feel like I'm back in my room as a thirteen-year-old with all of my unicorn posters. I saw an idea on Pinterest where you use clips instead of thumbtacks. It looks cool because you can use fun clips, but it also eliminates the other issues. I also like it because you can hang way more than any thumbtack would hold.


5. Buy cool office supplies or repurpose things as office supplies

Office supplies don't have to be boring. They also don't have to function in their proper way and you don't even have to use office supplies for certain things. I keep all of my cute notebooks in a cute mail holder that I found on clearance at the Container Store. That way I can easily access them, but they still provide a little something to the decor. I bought a mug in London that I thought was cute, but it’s too small to drink out of so I use it as a pencil holder. When I had a monitor I set it on a stack of cool old books so it would be higher. It was way better than those plastic things. I use my bulletin board for cards and cute things rather than boring papers. You get the idea.  Get creative, the possibilities are endless.

6. Paint an accent wall a fun color

We can't really do this so I don't have an example (I will explain our office situation in a later post, but I'm sure you remember me mentioning that it's part office, part closet). I love fun paint colors, but I can admit that it would be hard to work in an office everyday if it's too crazy. However, you could paint an accent wall something really cool or with a really great color. That way it gives you a little pop of fun without going overboard.


7. Add some air fresheners or fresh flowers

I know it sounds weird, but I love to smell nice things. I absolutely love these fun oil diffusers I found at Target. They have great inspiring words on them (and who doesn't like a little push to achieve greatness while you're working in an office). They are also in great colors and they smell amazing. I highly recommend them or something like them that's a little more fun than the regular air freshener. I also love to have fresh flowers when I can. Everything about fresh flowers brightens the room which provides a great atmosphere for working.