holl & lane new issue

A Holl & Lane Discount

I talk a lot about Holl & Lane. And you might be tired of it. But I can't help it, you guys. I just love it so much. Really, this magazine is going big places so you definitely need to get on board. We're going to start charging for issues and I really do hope that you'll help support our magazine so we can continue to create something so beautiful and wonderful.


So to help you out and because we love our readers (and because I'm the Social Media Coordinator), we want to offer a little Holl & Lane discount for all of the readers of Chaotic and Collected. You can get 15% off any issue with the code CHAOTIC&COLLECTED. Click here to purchase or click the image if you're feeling fancy.

Please note that the discount does not work on subscriptions. But those are actually $7.99 for 6 months. Which means you get three issues + two bonus issues so that's a pretty sweet deal all on its own.

So go get an issue. Help support us and treat yourself to something really amazing for the new year.