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12 Days of Christmas DIY: Christmas Decor

And on the second day of Christmas DIY, I'm giving you Christmas Decor ideas. Like ornaments, if you don't have Christmas decor for your home, you can spend a fortune decking your halls with holiday cheer. So why not add a few homemade things to the mix? Here are some great ideas,

Sparkly Branches

Sparkly branches

I don't care what anyone says, 'tis the season for all that sparkles and glitters. I saw these while I was searching for ideas for my home decor. I didn't make them, but I think they would be really easy and add a little something to your holiday decor. I also think they could serve purposes for other decor (ahem, weddings), but that's a whole other blog post.

Glitter Reindeer

Glitter reindeer

Again, it's time for glitter my friends. I think that this glitter reindeer would be perfect to hang on a door. It's more fun and less traditional than a wreath, but still screams holiday fun.

Ornament Garland

Ornament garland

I love the look of this ornament garland. I think there are so many possibilities with this one. You could do all silver or silver and gold or multicolored like the picture or even red and green. Like I said, endless possibilities here. This would be perfect for a mantle or would even work as a table runner. You can put it anywhere that you need to spread a little holiday fun.

Holiday Centerpiece


Make an easy centerpiece

You can take my easy fall centerpiece idea and switch it up for Christmas. Add some little ornaments or holiday foam shapes or candy canes or anything you want. I found these cute little wood shapes at Michael's to switch mine up. There are snowflakes, trees, and fun little holiday seasons. It's just a little touch to add in some fun. And you can place it anywhere. It actually works really well on a coffee table.

Glitter Jar Candle


Glitter mason jar candle holders

I've yet to mention and give the tutorial, but my sister and I made 994 mason jar candles for the wedding. We mostly did burlap, ribbon, and lace (which would be holidayish as well), but you can also do glitter just as easy. All you really have to do is coat a jar with mod podge and then put glitter on it. Then add another layer of mod podge to keep it all together. Let it dry and voila, instant pretty candle. You can do it in holiday colors if you like.


Darby Smart kits

As usual, Darby Smart has a ton of really cute kits for the holidays. A lot of them are sold out, but you can of course use them for your own inspiration.


There are, of course, countless other ideas. Far too many for me to feature in one post. Just search Pinterest and you will find a million. Hopefully this has inspired you!