holiday cocktails

12 Days of Christmas DIY: Tasty Booze

And on the sixth day of Christmas, I'm bringing you ideas for some tasty holiday booze. Clearly we all knew that a holiday booze post was coming, right? I mean, have you seen all the booze we have in our apartment? Technically it's not all of our fault, but Mr. T and I do like having a good stocked bar. And we also enjoy mixing up some fun and tasty cocktails for ourselves and our friends. Here are some good ideas to make your own tasty cocktails this holiday season.

Side note: this article took me the longest to write because there are so many ideas all over the interwebs. I searched Pinterest and fell in a black hole of all of the cocktails I want to make. This is only a tiny little handful of all of the options there are. So now I am going to get my booze on and you should probably too.


Boozy Apple Cider

Make my boozy apple cider. Yes, this is totally a fall recipe, but that doesn't mean it can't work for other chilly holidays and seasons. Throw this in the crockpot and serve with dessert and anyone will be pleased.

boozy hot cocoa

Boozy mint cocoa

This one is totally easy. All you have to do is make cocoa like normal and throw some mint Baileys in it. You can also do it with coffee as well. Add a candy cane and some marshmallows and you are all set. If you want some other, more elaborate ideas check out this article.



Rudolph's Tipsy Spritzer

I found this idea over on Southern Living. All you need is orange juice, lemon-lime soft drink, cherry juice, and vodka. I'd say garnish it with a cherry so you can really make it look like Rudolph.

Cranberry mojito


Christmas Cranberry Mojito

Because nothing says holidays like mint and cranberries all mashed and muddled together in a tasty drink. Check out this recipe over here to make it.



The Grinchtini

One of my all-time favorite Christmas movies is the Grinch. I seriously don't know why I didn't put it on my holiday must dos. But regardless if there is a drink in honor of it, I am there. This recipe sounds both delicious and easy (my two fave things when it comes to booze)


Spiked Eggnog

Confession time! I honestly don't know if I've ever had eggnog. Every time I watch Christmas Vacation I think to myself that maybe I should try it. But then every year I don't actually do it. Maybe it's fear because I've only heard bad things about it. If you're a fan though, boozy eggnog is definitely a holiday pleasure. This recipe over here sounds amazing. I'm thinking I should actually try it this year (or maybe next year).