My Weekend in Photos: Football & Friends

Happy Monday everyone! Also known as one of those Mondays where I'm reminded that I'm an old lady and I can't run on four hours of sleep and then drink unlimited mimosas. But, this weekend was really fun. We hosted a little football gathering (my team was playing Mr. T's team and my Spartans lost hard). We also went to drag brunch. I also started working on a new project that I am so excited about and can't wait to share with you guys. So, here's my weekend in photos with football & friends.

Friendships Are Kind of Like Romantic Relationships

I recognize so much with romantic relationships, but none of them happen when I’m making friends. I’ll be friends with a gal for a few weeks and suddenly we’re calling each other besties. And, I think every friendship will last until the end of days. Then when we don’t, I feel like I’ve somehow failed or something. If these were romantic relationships, I’d be telling myself to relax and get a grip.