diy christmas potpourri

12 Days of Christmas DIY: Homemade Christmas Smells

And on the seventh day of Christmas I'm bringing you ideas to make your home smell like a whole lot of Christmas love. One thing that I love about the Christmas season is all the great smells it brings. Cinnamon and freshly cut fir. Peppermint and holiday goodies. I have candles, tarts, and air fresheners galore. But you just can't beat homemade smells. So here are some ideas for DIY fragrances to fill your home.


Christmas Potpourri

I know, I know. Potpourri is a little 1994, but hear me out on this one. Mr. T makes this spiced wine and it fills the room with all of these delicious flavors. Many that are in this potpourri recipe that I found. Seriously, you want your home to smell like this.

I also found this recipe that uses a few different scents in case you want to mix it up. I seriously can't wait to try this stuff.


cinnamon vanilla candle

Cinnamon Vanilla Candles

I'm not crazy about vanilla, but give me cinnamon any day. This candle made with a vanilla candle and cinnamon sticks sounds amazing. I think it would fill your house with so many awesome smells and it just looks all pretty and festive. I would assume you could also make your own vanilla candle. I am definitely trying this next year.

Cinnamon scented pine cones

Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones

No, I promise I am not obsessed with cinnamon (well, maybe I am). But these cinnamon scented pin cones sound easy and so festive. Like the candles, the would be so pretty sitting around the house and that also means you can spread the smell to any room you like.

DIY scented candles


DIY Scented Candle

We all know that I am obsessed with mason jars so anytime there is a project involving them, I am on board. These candles look pretty easy to make and I like that you could do different scents for different rooms in the house. I love having every room smell nice, but not the same.


peppermint ornaments

Peppermint Ornaments

I guess these double as DIY ornaments as well (in fact, you could use the cinnamon ornaments that I suggested to add some smelly goods to your home). These ornaments are easy, fun, and will make your whole home smell like peppermint!