On Living Together: Mr. T Moves In

At the end of the week I had reached that point where I was tired of looking at piles of things to put away and so over not being able to find anything that I lost it and flipped out over a hot dog. Don't flip out over a hot dog.

Fighting In a Relationship Is Totally Normal

I should be famous for talking about how fighting in a relationship is totally normal. Seriously. I’ve always said it is and I’m a firm believer that it truly is. But as much as I know all of that, it’s still hard for me whenever Mr. T and I fight. I always have this feeling like it’s wrong or we shouldn’t be doing it or maybe this is going to somehow impact our relationship in a negative way.

From Single Life to Coupledom: It’s Not Just About Me Anymore

I think I’ve realized one of the hardest parts about being in a couple getting used to the fact it’s not just about me anymore. I’ve lived on my own for more than a decade. Every decision I’ve ever made was totally up to me.