Living Together Before Marriage

Mr. T and I didn't really want to live together before marriage. Wait, let me back up because that doesn’t sound how I mean it. It's not really that we didn't want to live together. I wasn't against it or anything. We had planned on talking about it at a later time, but then we got engaged last year so our original was to move in together a few months before the wedding. But, after traveling together so much and practically living together over the summer, we decided to move the date up and started shacking up together last fall. And, now, I can honestly say that I'm glad that we decided to move in together a year before our wedding. I'm not sure if I would consider it a test, but you definitely learn so much about each other when you're living together. We’ve worked out a lot of the kinks and are learning to work together as a team and I actually kind of wonder if some of that stuff would have freaked me out it if was after our nuptials. Not that I would have left him or that it's necessarily any easier now. It's just that it probably would have caused a whole lot more stress (and unnecessary strain on the relationship).

So anyway, I found this infographic and thought it was interesting. I know it's from 2011, but still, it's good stuff. A great portion of people think it's good to shack up before marriage. And the enthusiasm to do so has actually increased over the years (it doubled from 1995-2010).

What do you think? Is living together before marriage mandatory? A no-no? What say you?


Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?