beer candied pecans

Beer Candied Bacon & Pecan Snack Mix

Candied Beer Snack MixMr. T's birthday was a few weeks ago and we decided to just have a little get together with friends at our place. I had all these fun recipes on Pinterest that I had been dying for an occasion to use. Some of them are classified as "manly" recipes because beer is one of the big ingredients. And, you know, when you use beer to make cupcakes that makes them less frilly or girlie or whatever. I don't prefer to call them manly. I think ladies can like some beer in their cupcakes and stuff too.

Nevertheless, I had the recipes and thought Mr. T's birthday was perfect for them.

Two of my faves were recipes for Beer Candied Bacon and Beer Candied Pecans.

I absolutely knew that I wanted to use them, I just wasn't sure how. It seemed weird to me to just put out bacon and almonds for people to snack on. I mean, I will snack on bacon all day if given the opportunity, but that doesn't suit everyone's fancy. Not to mention how expensive it would be to make sure each guest had an ample serving of said bacon.

While we were making a list of snacks and things for his party, something clicked and I thought I should make some sort of snack mix using the beer candied bacon and beer candied pecans. That way each guest can enjoy some of the creative tasty treats and have a little something else. It also helps for those guests who aren't into beer candied things. Genius!

Here's what I used:

  • Cashews
  • Honey roasted peanuts
  • Pretzels
  • Dry roasted peanuts
  • Beer candied bacon
  • Beer candied pecans

We made the beer candied bacon. It was pretty easy. We made it in the toaster oven mainly because of easier clean up (but also because we live in NYC and don't have an air conditioning unit in our kitchen). I would like to try it in the oven next time since I don't think it crisped up as much as I would want it to. We followed all of the directions exactly, except we didn't have a brush (oops) so we just spooned it on and it worked fine. We did have to mix up a little more mixture, but that could have been due to the ol' spoon on method. It was delicious on its own, but even better mixed with all the other items.

Then we made the pecans. They were incredibly easy as well and we followed that recipe as well. We didn't have a candy thermometer so had to use the cold-water method (basically you just pour the syrup in cold water. If it easily forms a ball that flattens once removed from water then you're good to go). We were a little worried about black IPA, but found a couple at our local store (however it's pretty pricey).  Again, so delicious even on its own.

I am so sorry I don't have a picture of making either! But I promise it was all easy if you just follow the instructions.

I let everything cool/settle overnight and then mixed it all together in a big bowl for his party. It was a huge hit and I was really excited that we had some left over because it doubles as a perfect movie snack.

Beer Candied Bacon & Pecan Snack Mix