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Make Room for the Booze: How to Store Barware and Accessories

So I've told you how to be creative with kitchen storage and with coffee mugs and such, but what about all of your alcohol and related necessities? Well, it's actually pretty easy to get creative with that too. I wouldn't say that Mr. T and I are boozers, but we do like to have a drink sometimes with dinner or while we're hanging out at home (watching movies like Coyote Ugly and SciFi. Don’t judge. That's why we need the booze!). So we enjoy having a variety of alcohols, glasses, accessories etc. at home. That way we don't always have to go out. And obviously that's a good idea since we live in New York and it's expensive to go out all the time here.

The problem is that living in New York also means we have a limited amount of space (as I've mentioned a few times before). Our living room is also half dining room and library so we really don't have room for some big cabinet to house all of our boozy items in.


So we decided to get smart and utilize our wall space. Technically I had already done this project before he moved in, but we changed it up some. I like it because it sort of doubles as art. It's also easy to add to or take away from. And, we can easily find use for the shelves if we decide to do something different.


All we did was hang four shelves. We put all of our glassware, shakers, cocktail recipe books, etc. on the shelves. You can also buy a rack for your stemware that goes under the shelf. It adds a little space and looks cool. We just decided not to do that.



Originally we had the alcohol on one of the shelves. It looked really cool, but as we added more mixers and things to our collect it started to become really heavy. We were afraid it was too much so we put it on this cool table that used to be in our living room. You could really do any small table or a cute little bar cart.

Bottle Opener

We wanted to give it some personality so we added this awesome bottle opener that we found at Target. It hangs on the wall and there is a little basket like thing for the bottle caps to fall into.

Bar is openWe also put a chalkboard sign that says "the bar is open!" because, well, it almost always is. The chalkboard sign was actually left over from our engagement pictures.  Then we also hung the bottle cap art I made for Mr. T while we were dating.

And all of the above is really what makes this idea so great -- the possibilities are endless. You  can add to or take away from. You can make it a little more fancy or less fancy. You can really do whatever you want to.

So there you have it. A homemade "bar" that looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

How To Store Coffee Mugs & Coffee Accessories

Last month I told you how I moved my dishes to the open shelving unit in our kitchen. I absolutely love it. But, Mr. T and I are avid coffee and tea drinkers so that means we also have quite the collection of mugs (and coffee and tea). With all the dishes and serving pieces, I didn't really have room to also put the coffee mugs with the rest of the dishes. I could have added additional shelving, but I wasn't the one who put the shelves in the apartment, so trying to match them is simply impossible (though I did get a cool tip from a reader on my article about open shelving). And obviously buying something additional isn't an option given that we have no more space left in our somewhat small kitchen.

I'm pretty anal about organization. Things need to be in groups and they need to make sense. So, obviously not having all the dishes together made my anal stuff off whack.

So, after some thinking I realized I could actually put the coffee mugs near the coffee pot. It makes sense since they're pretty necessary for coffee. And then it looks intentional so my kitchen is still as organized as I want it to be.



We ended up hanging three shelves just above our large butcher's block which is where we decided to put our Keurig (it's closest to one of our only plugs). We really needed additional shelves in the kitchen and had some shelves left over from another project.

On the first shelf, I put all of our mugs along with sugar, creamer, and honey. I also put some silver spoons in an old creamer container that I don't really use anymore. I also put some powdered creamer in one of my canisters. That way it looks really fun, but it's also functional and serves a purpose.

On the shelf directly above it, I used two large storage bins for hot cocoa and tea. I also store extra k-cups in there as well.

Then, the shelf above that is for decorative purposes. We can't reach it easily, but decided to hang it so there wasn't too much weird white space. I plan on putting some of our wedding "leftovers" (vases, watering cans, etc.) there after the big day.

The second option. Then I put the coffee, tea, extra k-cups, etc. in some drawers below the butchers block.

I really love having everything in one place. It's awesome in the morning when you're still waking up and don't want to move a lot. And it's great for guests too because then they don't have to ask where things are. I also love having the extra storage and options to put other things on the shelves as I add to our kitchen. Next month I will show you what I decided to do with all of our alcohol and beverageware.

Kitchen Storage Ideas for a Small Apartment

I love living in New York. But, as I mentioned before, our apartment is definitely lacking in the storage department.  So it's probably not a big shocker to say that my kitchen doesn't have a lot of options. Here's how I decided to organize all my goods without feeling like I was living in chaos.