Happy Anniversary Mr. T

Disclaimer: This post will probably be a tad corny. attachment-5239b92fe4b0337eb8c1f3df

Exactly one year ago today I met Mr. T. I had no idea that a little over a month later we’d decide to only date each other. I didn’t know I’d be meeting his family (and he’d be meeting mine) that Christmas. And I definitely had no idea that we’d be engaged and start planning our wedding eight months later.

I still remember his first message to me – he asked about my favorite beer (both the one that I tell people about and my guilty pleasure). We exchanged a few messages about football, England, and AC Slater and then he asked me out for a drink.

A few days later we met at a divey bar in the East Village. I had planned to have the usual few drinks and then head home. Mr. T had the same plan and actually was afraid I was a bit ditzy at first. Though in his defense, I giggle when I’m nervous and I’d be lying if I said he was the first person to tell me that. We ended up polishing off a few beers and some scotch (well technically I couldn’t finish my scotch since I was drinking on an empty stomach) and then we went out for pizza.

A couple of days later we had our second date and our third date would follow about a week later. Obviously more dates followed where he wooed me with magic and karaoke. Then we celebrated my birthday and we made things exclusive.

The past year has been pretty awesome. We’ve made trips to Atlantic City and went to London. We went to Chicago for his birthday and saw the Reds play the Cubs. We’ve watched countless football games, stuffed ourselves full of food from Queens Comfort, drank at many other divey bars, and even sang a few karaoke songs.

And, of course, I’ve learned a lot too. Here are a few things that I think are most important:

I want to be a bride and even though fighting is really scary, it’s normal and OK. The importance of truly letting someone know me and letting them into my life. And that it’s OK to depend on someone else a little (though I’m still working out). Relationships are hard and take a lot of adjustments (I’ll talk more about this later). Be as open minded as you possibly can; compromise is your best friend. If you don’t have a sports team, you have to automatically adopt your fiancé’s teams – I am now a Bengals fan and a Reds fan. I can honestly say that I am the happiest I have been in my life and I feel genuinely lucky to have met him. I’m super excited for what’s to come in our relationship. I look forward to planning our wedding, marrying him, and starting our lives together.

Tonight we will celebrate by having dinner and then we'll have dinner and exchange presents this weekend. We've kind of started this thing were we celebrate everything for at least a week.