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Snooping Is A No-no

I was about to start this post with something about how I’ve never snooped. I was all up on my high horse and giving myself a pat on the back, but then I realized I’ve done it. I went through my boyfriend’s phone. Once. In my early twenties when I was in college.

Online Dating and Weight

It’s no big secret that I’m a plus-size gal. But I would be lying if I said it’s never made me self-conscious; especially when I was active on online dating sites. I was always worried about being judged harshly by guys. If I went a few days without a message or if a guy didn’t respond to one I’d sent I always worried if that was the reason why. 

What to Do When Your Significant Other Is Still Active on an Online Dating Site

I'm going to admit that I've never been in a relationship with anyone who is still active on an online dating site. But I would imagine it's a pretty awful thing to find out. Even if they aren't technically cheating, I'd classify it as the same category.

Coffee Dates Are Pretty Lame for a First Date

Huge confession over here – I think coffee dates are pretty lame for a first date. When I was a dater I tried to avoid them at all costs. I honestly tried to like them – especially since New York and Chicago are full of cute little coffee shops – but they just never seemed to feel right for me personally.