National Chocolate Mint Day

New Goal in Life: Eat all of the Chocolate Mint (Starting with these Boozy Chocolate Mint Recipes)

Photo Credit: m01229 (Flickr) Did you guys hear? It's totally National Chocolate Mint Day. It's a thing. Just like pancake week is a thing. Seriously, I must keep better track of all of these things. I am severely missing out in life. I am a huge (I mean -h-u-g-e) fan of all things chocolate mint. If you remember, Mr. T even added a little mint to the truffles he made from me. And every winter/Christmas I always want to make and buy all of the chocolate mint things. So, what better way to honor this day than to talk about booze and chocolate mint? Here are some delicious boozy chocolate mint recipes.

Chocolate Mint Mojito

Normally I am not a huge mojito fan. I like my drinks to be nice and smooth (it's a texture thing). And I totally hate when a big glob of mint gets stuck in my straw. Sorry, I'm not really making this sound very appetizing am I?!? But, really, I think I would be totally cool with chocolate mint in my drink. So let's all make this immediately. Here's how.

Mint Hotchata

This is actually a Christmas recipe. But I say you can totally make it anytime you want. There are no rules when it comes to chocolate mint. This sounds so easy -- it only takes like three ingredients and it goes in the crockpot. And we all know how much I love my booze in the crockpot. Here's how to make it.

Adult Mint Float

It's a float with booze and mint. Need I say more?? Here's how to make it.