Last Minute Valentines Day Ideas for Couples

8 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples

Photo Credit: Mark Gstohl (Flickr) So I've admitted 994 that I really don't care about Valentine's Day. And so you might ask yourself, "Jess, why in the world are you writing so many posts about the day you don't care about?" The answer? Just because you don't really care about a day doesn't mean you hide in a corner somewhere and wait for it to pass. It really just means that you don't get into all the fuss about it. I love love and I think you should celebrate it. I just think people get a little too crazy with it. There's too much pressure about it. And I will admit, that as a couple, it's a little daunting when Feb 14 rolls around. Mr. T and I actually had a fight heated discussion about our plans because neither of us had any idea what we wanted to do. In the end we decided to celebrate it by not celebrating it. Officially, we decided a couple of days ago to just get some treats and have a horror movie night or play some fun games on the Wii. How's that for planning?!? It's awesome though and fits us.

Which is kind of the thing, you don't have to put together this huge elaborate plan months in advance in order to have a fab day. You can throw something together the last minute or not even plan at all and still have a great time. Here are a few last minute Valentine's Day Ideas for couples to help you out/inspire you.

1. Make the gift part of the plan

A date night in a box. Perfect. Put together a little package of some goodies, popcorn, and some movie rental coupons. Or maybe a craft or a board game. You could even not make a plan and then swap date night boxes and do whatever is in them. Get creative and have fun.

2.Splurge on something you really want

Instead of breaking the bank on a gift and then some extravagant plan to celebrate, kill two birds with one stone. Splurge for a nice dinner or a new movie or game. Get some fun little popcorn bowls and some tasty popcorn and other treats for a fun little movie night. Buy your favorite TV series on Amaozon or DVD. You could even buy something nice for your apartment, like a new TV or game system or kitchen gadget and then use it together.

3.Yelp roulette

I thought I made this up, but it's actually totally a thing. Check it out here. You can also make your own. Pick the first restaurant that comes up or draw a number or just plop yourselves in a great neighborhood and pick something that looks good.

4.Try a new recipe

I love try new recipes, but find that sometimes it can be complicated in the shuffle of every day life. So, get on Pinterest or Food Network, find the one with the best and most complicated ingredients, and get to cooking. Also make sure you look for a baked good too.

5. Make your favorite meal together

Mr. T and I cook. A lot. But we don't often cook together. There is something fun and (I'll admit) a little romantic about cooking together. You could both be in charge of certain things or cook it all together. Definitely add some booze too.

6. Eat on the fancy plates

Before I married Mr. T, my mom gave me her wedding china. I didn't really want any of my own and even though my parents are divorced it is special to me because it belonged to my mom. I also have my grandma's silver. These are things that I almost never use. Partially because we didn't have a good table for entertaining guests and partially because I don't. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. So use Valentine's Day as an excuse to get out the fancy stuff and wear your Sunday best. You don't have to have a fancy meal -- it could be take out or pizza. But sometimes the addition of the fancy stuff just makes it feel fun and special.

7. Do your usual, but order something new or make a rule that there will be no phones or excessively staring at the TV

Sometimes just going to your usual spot is fun. And if it isn't broken, why fix it? But instead of making it like every other night, play around with it so it feels fun. Sit in a different spot or order something different or make a rule that you can't use phones except to text each other.

8. Play tourist for the day

I always say I should do this because it's so easy to play tourist in NYC. And you don't have to be in a big city. There are lots of things about small cities that you probably don't go see or do. You could also go to the nearest big city or another city that's nearby.