My Weekend In Photos: Volume 5

My weekend in photos is back! And this time I'm going to shake it up a little bit. I was tired of using the same intro over and over again (and I'm pretty sure everyone was tired of reading it). I'm also redoing the format a little as well. So here we go. This past weekend was filled with some much-needed R&R for Mr. T and me. The wedding was fantastic, but also exhausting. And I don't know the last time we were able to just relax on the couch. It's also football season and if you've been around this blog for a while you know that I love me some college football.

So here you go, my weekend in photos.


Brunch and a walk with Mr. T.

Yes, that is totally a breakfast tostada and it's probably one of my most favorite things to eat for breakfast. And that's also me sporting some awesome fall gear. Can we all be excited about fall? The headband that you see is made by my sister who is going to start selling them soon. I'll keep you posted so you can snag one of your own. Football


I am not ashamed to admit that Mr. T and I watched 12 hours of football on Saturday. And, even though I was a little overwhelmed today that I did nothing over the weekend, it was such an amazing day. We ate snacks. He upheld his vows by wearing a little green and white (headband also made by my sister). That lovely apple concoction up there is apple pie moonshine with a little apple cider and brandy. It was heaven in a cup.

Home Decor

A little home decor.

One of the best things about doing so many things for your wedding is the fact that you have stuff leftover. The letters have tons of blue and purple bottle caps glued to them. The booze is also leftover from the wedding. The picture wall was already in existence, but we added 20 or so wedding pictures to it. Plus the states pictures and the gift that Mr. T gave me for our wedding. And that cute little owl was purchased while shopping for the wedding (he didn't actually come to the wedding though).